Its an ordinary day for the first of October, but wishing our fellow muslim friends Eid Mubarak.


I've already got my blog on the first month, and it was already october, and I'm feeling more excited to post some of my daily experience here, on my electronic journal. Anyway, yesterday, the last day of the month September, my camera's got some snapshots of the outside world, I mean, the realities of our life. Here are some of my photographs taken when I was strolling outside the school and all are in black and white tone:

SA MANGGAHAN: i've taken this photo at a mango stand along the school with a woman, slicing mangoes for a living.
NAGHULAT: walking along, I've found this two children playing along, and waiting for their mother and father.KURYENTE: on the edge of the marist avenue (our school street), I've arrived at unfixed wirings that may cause accidents.Seeing these things, or so much for the reality, may make us feel bitter, but that's life, as they say "no pain, no game", or as Forrest Gump said, "Life is a box of chocolate, you never know what you'll get".

(credits: vendor at school, my friend Ferdinand)


I've just got a 1-hour break for posting my latest school experience.

It's been a hectic previous week, and now it has been more busy and I can feel the pressure being a college student. We've been busy throughout this day. I've been into the school clinic for a medial checkup, and at last, I had completed the clinic checkup, and fortunately my clearance had been signed.

Other hectic jobs are still bothering my mind, the division clearance which I have acquired is still incomplete, due to my absences in General Assemblies, and other events such as clean-up drive. I also got my statement of account. Godd thing I'm already halfway through the signing of clearance, but still, God, I hate this day. Its so hectic, I'm not used to it.

I've been studying my subjects recently, thats why maybe I'll be partially out from blogging around 3 to 4 days. But will be updating from time to time, if I have a vacant. The schedule for exam is next week, and i'm not yet done reviewing those other subjects. Hopefully, I'll finish it smoothly.


Recently, while I was blogwalking, I've arrived at my fellow co-blogger ( and found this article, so I decided to re-post it and say something which make us proud to be Pinoy. Maybe it's not an entry of Independcy, but another post for notice:

1. Hospitality - There's always a room for our fellow visitors.
2. Blogging - We cannot blame it, Filipinos are really into blogging, we are used to write our feelings, reviews and daily experience into our electronic journal, or what we called blog. one of the most popular blogger.
3. Hardcore Filipino Telenovelas - every tv station is up to it, and every viewer is updated to the tv series' latest hapenings.
4. Good Traveller - Filipinos are adventurous, they almost wander around the nation, also to the other part of the world.
5. Family Values - We are very much concerned not only to our members of the family, but also to each of the person in the community.
6. Resourceful - A Filipino is resourceful, he or she think of a way to get the job done.
7. The Lechon - It is found in every celebration, birthdays, fiestas, and some special gatherings
8. Expression of Attitude Towards Art - We are creative, Pinoys are very creative, because each of us have talent.
9. Streetfoods - Everyone loves to stay and eat at a stall somewhere in the streets, It is our past-time, eating kwek-kwek, isaw (chicken intestine), and barbecues.
10. Videoke Masters - We are fond of singing-along with the beat of a videoke machine, the coin-operated videoke machine, it doesn't matter how many coins we have spent, but the thing is, we have fun having the spirit of being PINOY.

Those were just 10 out of the many reasons why we should be proud of our heritage. Of course, we should be, because we are unique.

(credits:, for the photos)


I've found a cool shot of a new-edition chucks, and i've found interest in editing this photo. I search my stock backgrounds and found a cool-textured balloon wallpaper, so I decided to put it in. As the editing went on, I've added some splat brushes while making the fonts 3-dimensioned. The edit didn't took long because, the raw materials were already edited. I just share it with you. Thanks to flickr!



I've lived my childhood since then, and food is extremely a great asset.Since child, I was engaged in knowing so many food chains food chain. Down to where I was now, I've been into many different restaurants, food chains, and mini-restos, but one greatest thing that childhood reminds me of, is Jollibee, since then, the taste of Jollibee, was not unusual to me, but I never stopped loving its real taste, as they call it, "Langhap Sarap". Anyway, when I scan my photo folders, I've found these photos which I took few weeks ago, and as said, It reminds me of my childhood memories with their franchise mascot, and their delicious foods.

Now, i'm already a 17-year old fella, and it is still my habit to eat once in a while at Jollibee. I love the smell of those goodie french fries, while having a spoon of their chocolate sundae, but one thing I wouldn't forget to order, their specialty, Chickenjoy and a pack of fries. That would be perfect.

Jollibee is really a nice place for young and old, even families. Usually, families are having their Sunday bonding at Jollibee, and it was nice having them around and seeing the real essence of family values.

(photo/s taken at: Jollibee Gensan, National Highway)


This photo was taken somewhere in the road of Davao City last year, taken when my sister is having her physciatric care. When she arrived home after 3 weeks, I've found this picture and made a huge interest in editing this photo. So, what I did, is edit the same photo and added some infastructures from the different photos taken, too. I added a big globe at the back to make it more futuristic. To make it more realistic I added the photo a radial blur, for some speed effect while increasing the sepia volume.

...and here is the result:


Thanks God its friday! - a phrase which is common to any desperate student, specifically me. This day is really annoying, so many bloopers made, and so many food eaten and EXAM, QUIZZES, AND SO MANY REQUIREMENTS, including the NEXT WEEK's assignments. Too bnad, there are so many, but the good thing is, I can relax, Saturday and Sunday is coming, and time to wake up late again. Usually, I wake up at 11:00 am on Saturdays and Sundays.

There are so many things I've been into, that's why I didn't study our PE 1 finals last night, first, it was my Dad's birthday, I just didn't post some article of it, then I've been into a eating-habit last night, I almost eat the whole bunch of bananas (thats why my blog has been "monkey monitor"), I really love those yellow thingie, then I've been eating and eating, from Lechon to cake and pastries down to some cool drink blends. Then, I have been busy editing some photos for a school requirement, and personal requests, I've been really busy last night, I didn't mind the notes photocoied last week, who cares?

Earlier this day, I studied the photocopied notes during the 1-hour break, the topic is not really hard, but is, very boring, i'm uninterested, but its the reality of living, we live by the rules. Lunch-time, I went home, as usual, because my nose is dripping, and my eyes are sleepy, so I take a short nap, after eating my lunch. At 1:30, i've got back into the school, and went directly to the school's auditorium, the place of the exam, at least, I have studied a little further, but didn't finish it. Fortunately, the exam's super easy, even dogs, can answer (in case you wonder its an idiomatic expression).

Rain heavily poured down and quizzes flood the room MO(Micheal O'Keefe) and the first semester is closing to an end, I still don't know the room number of our Math and RE session classroom. The exam on our professor in Math, is a bit easy, but still I couldn't answer one question out of the four word problems, to my boredom, I just quit analysing the unanswered problem, and took pictures instead. Quick-captured the faces of my classmates including some of my scratch papers.

As the school day ends, we ran downstairs to take a glimpse of the newly born sunshine-after-rain (too much for that lines of a poet). Me, NiƱo, Ferds, and Jowee chatted as we walk along the past-time foods outside the school campus, kwek-kwek, isaw, and many more. Later on, we decided to walk along different sides, and went home.
I told myself not to turn the computer on, and take a rest instead, but here I am now...


360 degrees street view? no way! but T-MOBILE explains it all, yet Apple's iPhone has to match that feature from the latest 3g phone of T-MOBILE, the G1, the first Google Phone.

The rumors circulated, the news was deemed imminent, and now it’s official. Tuesday morning, Google (GOOG), together with T-Mobile and HTC (HTC), officially revealed the hyped “Dream” phone, the first mobile phone to be built around Google’s Open Handset Alliance Android operating system.Bloggers, press and even Google’s founding team of Sergey and Larry were on hand for the Manhattan launch event. Rebranded from the Dream to the G1, an obvious nod to Google, the phone will be available on October 22nd at T-Mobile stores in twenty one cities. It will sell for $179 (with a two year contract), plus a $25 or $35 monthly data plan subscription.

But curiously, we try to unhide the matchup between the iPhone and G1, here are the following lineups:
  • Footprint - the G1 comes in a case that measures 4.6in X 2.16in x.62. That’s slightly longer and narrower than the current iPhone. The G1, with its slide out keyboard, is also thicker. The iPhone measures 4.5in x 2.4in x .48in thick.
  • Screens - the G1 screen is a 3.2in TFT enabled touch-screen. The iPhone features a 3.5in screen of comparable resolution with multi-touch touch navigation controls. (Multi-touch, as the name implies, means it can handle multiple touches at the same time.)
  • Keyboard – the iPhone is purely touch controlled when it comes to entering text. The HTC G1 has a slide out, complete QWERTY keyboard. The G1 also features a trackball control.
  • Camera - the G1 features a 3.2 megapixel color camera with fixed focus. The iPhone offers a 2.0 megapixel camera.
  • Battery – the G1 uses a 1150mAh lithium battery. Talk time is pegged at up to 350 minutes via WCDMA or up to 406 via GSM. Standby time is listed at up to 402 hours [WCDMA] or 319 hours [GSM]. The iPhone offers talk time of 5 hrs via 3G [GSM] or up to 10 hours via 2G networks. Standby time is listed at up to 300 hours.
  • GPS – Both phones offer GPS and mapping tools.
  • Connectivity - both phones support Quad Band GSM/EDGE (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz), Wi-Fi (802.11b/g) and Bluetooth 2.0 with Enhanced Data Rate [EDR]. The iPhone handles UMTS/HSDPA at 850, 1900, 2100 MHz. HTC lists G1 HSDPA/WCDMA support at 2100Mhz (Europe) and 1700/2100 [US].
  • Memory – the iPhone is offered with 8GB and 16GB flash hard drive storage. The G1 is to be sold with 256MB of ROM and 192MB of RAM. An SD Card expansion slot is available for expansion with a 1GB card preloaded.
  • Colors – the iPhone is available in black and white. The G1 will be sold in black, white or brown.
So, we really don't know which is nearer than the peek, is it the G1 or iPhone? each has a unique feature, even tech-specialist cannot decide which is groover.

(credits:, for the news)


Wednesday - eventually, a free day for the university, free day, you can be yourself, not anymore with those white uniform and green pants, you can be you! Obviously, it is my MWF class, so I am loaded this day, but gives time for blogging.

I started the day, with the morning breakfast, then up to the routine, go to school, and be on time. The first half of the day, was spent on listening to the lectures, also with the second half (afternoon). Nothing interesting happened on this day, but instead I took wacky photos of me and pose for the camera, which is unusual, I'm not used to do wacky pictorials but would love to capture other people's wacky photos. Oh, I almost forgot, I already have MY HAIR FIXED, and I dunno how to restyle my hair, earlier this afternoon, I went to the haircutting service and have my hair cut. Too much for that, and that HawaiianBoxers.


It was a long day, after having a day in the life of a one-of-a-kind, frustrated IT student. Tuesday, so many things and activities done inside the campus. As usual, in morning I prepared myself for another day as a first-year IT student, as expected, I am arriving at around 7:15 am, but this time, I arrive 15 minutes earlier just to update and copy (or compare) some of my answers of my assignment in our Accounting 10 subject, eventually, I changed some of my unsure answers, and fully done when our professor arrived in time. This is just one of the many highlights in this day. Our first subject is Accounting 10, and have a duration of 1.5 hours, because we only meet during TTH, after the session, we have our 1.5 hour-break before the 2 hours and 30 minute IT 113, so we hurriedly eat our lunch earlier and study some notes in the topic spreadsheet, specifically MS-Excel, and I almost forgot, I really can't understand those syntax, I was already indulged for a nosebleed in ACCOUNTING and so am I in IT 113.

It was indeed,a tiring session, yet, exciting because we, ourselves, are the one manipulating the computer. From time to time, we manipulate it through excercises given by our Engineer professor. After that long 2-hour and 30-minute subject, we directly went to the university clinic around 1pm, it is our schedule for a dental checkup, it is required for the signing of clearance. 3pm is our Personal Growth Session, a zero-unit subject but in-need to attend, and basically, the most boring subject. So, what we did in our 2-hour empty activity, we decided to stroll around the university, for me, I decided to take some photos of the different sides of the schools, including its altar, not really and altar, but a molding of the Virgin Mary, I even brought My Chibi Darth Vader, and of course, its jukebox, also, I took a photo on the school's cafiteria.

The day is almost over,and I am already outside the university that time, i'm too excited to update my blog again, I decided to hurry up, but my mom messaged me to fetch my little brother, so I went back again inside. Later, we went home together.

The most interesting part of ending the day:
when we arrived home, I forgot to get my housekey from my sister, whose unfortunately at the school that time, so... 1 hour of waiting outside, which made me capture the sun setting behind the vacant house in front of our house, fortunately I've been a witnessed of myself ending a day full of surprises. Later, almost dusk, my sister arrived, thanks to the KEYS!

(photo/s taken at: Notre Dame of Dadiangas University pathway, university canteen, Las Villas:sunset)


Everyone's a letdown, and I hate MONDAYs... this day just feels sick. I have to study some accounting lessons, geez, this makes me bleed, NOSE BLEED.

a day full of shit, and it makes me sick, it was a long day for me, really.

This day is a day full of negativity, almost every act. When I arrive in school, my uniform was already dirty, which in fact i'm the cleanest person on earth, I don't know where did I get that stain, maybe when I was riding. Later, when we were having our in-between break for the next subject, IT 110, I was about to take a photo of my Chibi Darth Vader, when I realize that I forgot the batteries, because I charged it when I took my morning routine.

Lunch time, I am updating my blog and some friend's links, and took a nap, but later realize that it was already merely five minutes before the PE class. So I fastly departed the house. To my dismay, when I am already waiting for a PUBLIC-UTILITY VEHICLE, I notice that the cartolina in our RE report was left, so I hurriedly went back and retrieve it.AS EXPECTED, I was late in my 1:30 PE Class. Math time, I concentrate on the given problem of my professor, but I still couldn't get the answers, maybe my minds not working, it needs grease to flow smoothly.

This day was really negative, could it be fate? I really don't know, It freaks me out, I still couldn't make positive things this day. Or, is it really needed to read my horoscope for the day? FREAK OUT!

(note: photos taken at: school's sidewalk, school's parking lot, hallway to classroom, scratch paper)


Lazy Saturday evening - me and my family decided to take our supper at Orange Bistro, mom is to tired to cook (di bale nang tamad, di naman pagod.haha), a place not unsual and common to me, of course, I would strongly agree if that would be the place, who would contradict, when the place is so soothing with is bossa nova genre of music, the retro corners of the environment, including the good service, quality food (yung lechon kawali tsaka crispy pata), and lastly the wifi hotspot? T'was around 6:30 when we arrive at the place, I was already hungry that time, and of course, I brought My Chbi Darth Vader and His Jukebox, while waiting for the ordered foods, I bring out the laptop and started connecting to the network, and later surf the web. As expected I bring with me my camera, took pictures around, but doesn't took long because the batteries run drained that time.

After meal, I returned my face back to the monitor, checked my e-mails, and suddenly a feeling I never ever wanted to feel whenever outdoors (you know it...) Hint: its because I ate too much, and never get tired of the bottomless Iced Tea, so the effect, the CALL OF NATURE

Forunately, it was gone minutes later, it faded like farting, so, I concentrated back to the laptop again. It was already 9:30 when we finish the surfing (tsaka yung stambay). Minutes later, we finally departed and took a stop at the DUNKIN DONUTS (these people have huge appettite) for some food at home (or some midnight food).

11 pm - arriving late at home, the feeling of being drunk, drowsy. I'm wasted, wasted in terms of body energy, in short, I'm tired. I decided not to turn the cmputer on, and take a rest instead. So quickly, I turn the lights off, and left My Chibi Darth Vader and his Jukebox in the study table, and SHUT MY EYES OFF.

(edited picture made through ADOBE PHOTOSHOP CS2. credits: orange bisro, and my sister)


This is the sequel of my shirt designs, introducing this version, BLACK AND WHITEs, its been an hour since i've mae these designs, i'll be back more and update you for more desings, and i'll just let my mind think, think for solutions and other style for the shirt. Here it is:

Ride My Sled: For your information, the car is a Mitsubishi Eclipse, i've taken the photo few days ago, when PLDT myDSL visit in the university. I decided to cartoonize and add some font tweeks.

The Crazy Phrase: can you crack and discover the phrase in this design? its really a phrase, and this phrase is an insulting one, just like an old man's famouse lines.
Capturing Realities: This design, I take my siste, my brother, and myself as the model, including my SLRcamera and made a definite and different photo stories.(CREDITS TO: for the shirt structure, and for the raw materials used)


Sleepy Sunday, there's nothing to do but to, sit here in font of the monitor while typing and editing some photos, by the way, I've finished already some of my shirt designs, about 6 already, and this time I will post these 2 designs for advertising, who knows. So these are my 2 designs, all compatible in a white shirt.

cat society: I found this cat at flickr and I thought that this would be cool if I edit it.
Marilyn Monroe Vintage: A vector of Marilyn Monroe and some brushes, with a sunflower (the sunflower looks so cool, and it serves as a retro icon)
(CREDITS TO: for the shirt, and for the raw materials used)


i'll be back tonight. i'll be reading afterlife and will realize i've never live more than an hour.
(boredom cause disaster)


I've recently found a toy of my 5-YEAR OLD brother, a chibi darth vader (chibi means small, cartoon-like), timingly, I was bored and found nothing to annoy with, or nothing interesting to do with, so I decided to ask my brother If I can have the toy, fortunately, he agree. The battery of my cam was already fully charged, so I decided to take photos of the toy. I went out to take it to the road, check if no one is out there, so (poof), nice shot. I went everywhere, just around the house to take some cool angles, I even bring it to the freezer with toblerone on its background (not featured on the photo above).

Mr. Darth Vader's adventure begins ar the road, while slowly entering the house living room. He even read a magazine abut blogging (how interesting). Then finally he became bored also, so he went to the freezer for some hot snacks. Oh, I almost forgot, he bring his jukebox with him, (dunno, maybe for his entertainment). He then went to my room, he dig my clothes and disarranged them. He also dig my sneakers. Then, by the time he's finished... dunno. He ATE MY TOBLERONE!

(see, don't even let toys seduce you, just because of boredom)


SATURDAY: the most boring day of the week (for me), I'm a couch-potato type of person, I usually stay in my dark and cold room, the things I usually do, is to hang-out with the computer (a bigger percentage in my daily activities), even eat different foods, play my guitar, write something which has no sense at all, message my friends, or watch movies.

Speaking of movies I decided to take part of finding famous movie lines, in my all-time favorite movies. I dig some titles, and look for some of my movies.

Here are my reviews on my top 5 favorite movie lines:

5.) "My name is Maximus Decimus Meridius, commander of the armies of the North, general of the Felix legions, loyal servant to the true emperor, Marcus Aurelius. Father to a murdered son, husband to a murdered wife. And I will have my vengeance, in this life or the next." -Gladiator
If you have the name, why can't you be proud of it? in thise case, Russell Crowe played as Maximus in Gladiator, said these lines, of course he have the guts to say those, cause he knew have the power to defeat the dictator, Marcus Aurelius.

4.) "This truth lies at the heart of the art of combat. Once it is mastered... Thou shall fear no one..." -Kill Bill Vol. 1
The line was so cool to hear, spoken by Sonny Chiba who played the role Hattori Hanzo, the line gives a unique point of view.

3.) "You always say be true to yourself, but you never say which part to be true to." - The Incredibles
Yeah, thats right, we never know which part will be shown truly, its an amazing line from Buddy.
Reflect on it.

2.) "I have nipples, Greg, would you milk me?" -Meet the Parents
This line never stop me from laughing out loud, it was really funny when Robert de Niro said that line to Ben Stiller. How would you react if your father-in-law told you that. Too bad.

1.) "My momma always said life was like a box of chocolates…you never know what you're gonna get." -Forrest Gump
This line from the movie Forrest Gump played by Tom Hanks is my most favorite line, It gives meaning to each person's life, you never know what will happen. I never get tired watching this movie all over again. Maybe I'll watch again...later.


Here's one of my shirt designs I'm sharing to you. Actually its not yet finish. So i'll be updating more of you soon for some shirt designs.

Its quite easier because I only used shapes and fonts and just some brushes.
(note:credits to for the shirt model)


I am bored this time, I'll always be. Anyway, I've been from school earlier, and I want to relax myself by posting another entry. Later, I realize it good having a camera, which is used for everyday purposes, but I tought of silly things cameras might bring.


My First Car (kidding)

A Customized Mitsubishi Eclipse owned by PLDT MyDSL

at the end of the pictorial, I realize that it wasn't my car at all. :-\
(Food, Food, and Food)
craving for food? take and capture a moment of it. who knows, it might be your last taste on that food, (food crisis, remember?), so don't hesitate, take a click, and let your imaginations work by staring at those photos.


So, we arrive in the conclusion. At the end of the day, a tiring day, I still love my camera, and it serves as my sixth sense (no sense at all, ayt?).


A Tour Inside

by Tanchi | 2:16 AM in | comments (2)

While I'm checking my bag, and looking for some papers for tommorow's activities, I gathered the objects found inside my bag, maybe because of boredom or the need to make the time flow faster, every object inside the bag makes my day complete, but for school days I usually bring my digital camera instead of the SLR, the difference there is that the digicam is super handy than the monster one (my SLR), I usually bring and use the big one whenever on a trip-mode, or in a one-of-a-kind adventure.


1.) My Coin and Cellphone Pouch - its a two-in-one function, whenever I leave the house for school, i'll make sure that I have some extra coins in my pouch for my fare together with my cp.

2.) Hair Care - Tricks and Gatsby Wax are found on the other pouch of my bag, these two are compatible, Wax makes my hair to be in the proper place the whole day, without retouching it. While, Tricks is just a hair grooming creme' use in a 1-minute workout for hair and if you have no time to re-style your hair. (I'm not endorsing, ayt?)

3.) My Customized Binder - Of course, when you go to school, you'll make sure you have proper notepads and school supplies, I started using binder in first year college, its more on the side of organizer, you can organize clippings to it instantly without going crazy for that thousand papers.
I change the cover of it, and cut pictures from different mags to create it as one.

4.) My Identification Card - I can't enter the school without it, all universities do. I change the sling because I really don't like using the default sling of the school, instead I used "Team McLaren" (cool).

5.) Daily Dose of BAON - I need money, really. Even all of us do, I usually spend the half of my daily allowance and save the other half of it (its good to save earlier).

6.) House Keys - Each of us in the house have different schedules, so each one has a house key, if you arrive earlier than the other, it wouldn't be difficult for us to enter the house.

7.) Accounting Book - Its a need-to-bring object, its the most important thing in the bag, why? because i'm afraid of my professo in Accounting 10, you'll instantly get ZERO when you forgot it, and besides, this one is needed also in seatworks, also serves as a medium of studying, all books do.


When we were strolling lately at the busy streets of Gensan, they realize that since I brought the camera we should start finding signage that should be pass the following day for our English 1 requirement.

After long hours of waiting for the school bell, we were finally free from boredom and from that 2 and a half hour of the major subject, IT113. Minutes pass, we started strolling into the city's busy streets, starting from the school hall up to the public market (far from the school) down to the mall (
even malls have no exemption). We started noticing the wrong grammars posted on the walls and vicinities, some have freaked us out, making us laugh out loud.

Here are few of the coolest bloopers:

FIRST STOP: Along the City's Oval Plaza

(we wonder, did the maker of that signage died before he finish his obra maestra?)

SECOND STOP: Public Market
(we were laughing when we saw the sign "watch-repeir", and people started staring weirdly at us.)

LAST STOP: Somewhere Over the Rainbow
(this time, we decided to develop the pictures we've taken a moment ago, along the way, we saw this sign, it was nicely done, but sadly, you know it already. tsk.tsk!)
at the end of the day, a day with strolling and criticism, we realize maybe it was technically an error, but who knows, people today are not like people of yesterday anymore. I hope that our country's not degrading. :|


5:00 - Cellphone alarms together with thee tone of McFLY

5:30 - Can you give me another half?

6:00 - Getting up

6:10 - Cleaning the car (serves as my excercise)

6:20 - Mealtime (It depends on the food)

6:30 - Shower (Setting the cellphone's alarm, in case I forgot to remind myself that I was bathing)

6:45 - Dressing Up

6:50 - Hair-setting (Won't forget it even in a day)

7:00 - Walk to the highway and ride PUVs going to school

7:15 - Arriving in School (Don't forget the ID)

7:30 - Mood swing in my Filipino 1

8:30 - Grammar Lessons at English 1

9:30 - Burp! Burp!

10:30 - Up for the IT 110

11:30 - Lunch at home

1:30 - Geez! PE 1!

2:30 - Set my mind into Math 114

3:30 - Never-ending Religious Education 111 (i'm on a catholic school)

4:30 - Ride PUVs going home

4:45 - Just a little snack!

5:00 - Quality time with my computer (blogs, accounts, photostreams, and photography)

11:00 - Let me sleep


maybe this was really my life, i'm getting used to it now, but sometimes, the body clock just don't follow me...or maybe i'm too wasted to wake up.


Last night, when I was scanning my folder to view the latest uploads for flicker, I simultaneously logged my account. Recieved new comments, I suspected. As I review the comment, I was surprised when the moderator of the Mindanao Business Community (MBC:the largest circle of great photographers of Mindanao) invited me in joing to conribute photos which is very unusual for the them) and help endorse the nice place in Mindanao, I was flattered when they request permission for my photo (The Lake Sebu) to be added in their photostream (MBC pool).

When I viewed the photostream, there are so many cool masterpiece posted, and it was really a pleasure to be included in the pool. It was an amazing feeling to be a part of an organization which helps you mold our talent better, while helping endorse your homeland.

Mindanao Business Community help me enhance and develop my interest in photography, thats why I didn't hesitate to be a part of them.Thanks to them, it was nice having the feeling of a contributor in my age.


It's long before I've uploaded this pic. This pic was edited long, long time ago (kidding), actually i've planned to upload this pic on time, but due to "life career". Anyway, this version is entitled "My Mind Was A Paradise", explains all about my style and passion on art (specifically digital art), different world entities are featured in this piece, the car (a vectored chrysler), wild flower, different foliage, filmstrips, and even zombies are not exempted.
It was the time my mind started producing simple, yet unique things, my mind started to wander in the technological world, different styles and creativity. Believe me, I can even explain to you the significance of that crumpled paper background, it means, you cannot steal one's creativity, you can criticize them harshly but yet it can still be retreived.
Not the best but also its not worth fot the worst.


I've created a design out of boredom, its really boring so I decided to upload my latest flick, I entitled this piece as "The World Is Still Round", it means, out of every negative things we ought to perceive, we should still remember that the world is full of beautiful things, things that are enough to give reason that life must still go on.

As we can see, the different things on this piece, living and non-living, such as, bananas, luxury car, flowers, and many more (including my favorite retro icon: Manilyn Monroe), and the face I use is my face, I just manipulated it, and made a dull and spooky output.

So here you go guys! You can download this wallpaper here. (only 1024x768 resolution is available)


No More Coffee?

by Tanchi | 1:53 AM in | comments (0)

Nescafe: one of the thousand brands of coffee in the world (primarily in the Philippines)

I'm not really a deliquent coffee drinker, but sometimes I drink some, even some people do, but for those who make their world round through drinking coffee, doctors said,lessen at least the amount of coffee drank in a day.

Some say that the energy boosting effect of the morning coffee is only in your mind and you should sleep more.
The caffeine eases withdrawal symptoms accumulating overnight, but does not make people more alert. Only people who do not regularly drink coffee will get a 'push-up' from caffeine, while the British Coffee Association insists that regular drinkers do feel more alert.

Regular coffee drinkers swear that their morning caffeine wakes them up, and in case they don't take it, they feel they have no energy and will surely be less efficient in their activities.

Here are 5 out of many toxic effects of coffee:

Caffeine, the main active chemical of coffee, blocks adenosine, a chemical that makes you naturally drowsy, increasing concentration and reaction speed. But the long term effects can be really tricky. Once the temporary stimulation stops, the brain cells start needing caffeine for stimulation and a sudden neural sluggishness installs.

Caffeine has been found to prevent cognitive decline in the elderly women. Women aged 65 and older who consumed over three cups of coffee (or the same caffeine levels in tea) daily scored better over time on memory tests than women who drank one cup or less of coffee/tea daily did.

High coffee consumption (more than three cups per day for years) increases loss of bone mineral density. Caffeine is a mild diuretic, speeding up the urination cycle, but "steals" calcium which is lost through urine. Long term, heavy caffeine use leads to a rapid development of osteoporosis.

Caffeine causes sleep disturbances. Don't even think about drinking coffee or other caffeine containing beverages before sleep. And remember that the alkaloid needs 12 hours to be completely eliminated from your body.

High coffee consumption (more than three cups per day for years) increases loss of bone mineral density. Caffeine is a mild diuretic, speeding up the urination cycle, but "steals" calcium which is lost through urine. Long term, heavy caffeine use leads to a rapid development of osteoporosis.

but who knows, coffee might make you stronger. It just depends on your feeling and instinct. So, to thos coffee lovers, be more aware on what's happening, remember, everything has its benefit in partner with its disadvantages.


This trip happened last last last week...i just didn't post it.

As I packed my things with excitement, I forgot to bring my SLR camera (overexcited), good thing I bringt the other camera, not as good as on my SLR cam, but enough to produce pictures that will be added to my collection. We are going to Lake Sebu. I've been there many times, but I don't know why i'm so excited for that trip, maybe because I can practice my hobby, photography. Arriving their at the 2nd waterfall (there are 7, the 2nd is the highest), we took our lunch along with my father's high school classmates, its a reunion after 28 years. I didn't took my lunch meal, instead I wandered and found some nice spots to shot, this includes the waterfall and the bridge:

The 2nd fall out of the seven fallsthe bridge where you should cross in order to see the falls

Next stop, we walk a few distance going to a site to see the lake (not the actual view deck), the view was amazing and some part of the mountain was covered with darkness while the other one is sunshined. Moving on, we arrive at the lake place, the proper lake place.

a nice view on the lake

On the cottage, we have the pinoy's pastime, sing-along with the videoke machine, we ended up the night singing along, it was already 2:00 am when we finished and get tired of singing, so we returned to our rooms and let the hours past through sleeping. Early morning, we packed our things, to bad, its too short, but I love being there, the place is so nice, and you get to feel the nature. For the weekend trip pictures visit this link.


The tutorial will help you discover the essence of the animation palette in adobe photoshop cs,cs2, and cs3. We will make a popping head of Manilyn Monroe (to those who wonder why Manilyn Monroe,its because it is so nice to see her head popping especialy when you play a music *lol*)


1.) of course, ADOBE PHOTOSHOP
2.) patience
3.) a picture of manilyn monroe, or other picture (even you)
4.) trust me, its sooo easy.


1.) create a new document with a size of 360x363 pixels.

2.) fill the layer with black.
3.) open the image of manilyn monroe,cut and copy her image to the newly created document
now, we will animate her. (we'll make her alive!)
4.) open the animation palette in the menu bar: WINDOW>ANIMATION
5.) we will now cut Manilyn Monroe's head (how sick) but be sure not to incude her neck, just the face including the head.
6.) then copy the head and paste it we should now have her head separated from another full copy. the order of layers should look like this one:
7.) then, proceed to the animation palette and duplicate the should now have two frames
8.) select again frame 1 and duplicate the head and rename it into "pophead"
9.) ctrl + t to transform and rotate the the first copy of the head, and slightly rotate it sideways. be sure to hide the "pophead: layer in frame 1.

10.) next, in frame 2 select the layer "pophead" and rotate it opposite to the one you rotated back in frame 1. this time hide the original copy of the head while showing the "pophead" layer.
11.) play the sequence in the animation palette, if finished go toe FILE>SAVE FOR WEB
its finished as of now, if you want to make the head more interesting, duplicate the frames many times, while simultaneously duplicating the layers.


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