I've been a fan of Lomographische, or commonly known as Lomocam, the product of these cameras are lomographs, many artist used this reknown camera with the tagline, "don't think, just shoot", everyone was interested, from its handy features down to the fish eye lenses.

I'd love to have lomocams, I started capturing candid shots. Usually, snapshots.It doesn't matter if the photo developed would be over-saturated, over-exposed, or even under-exposed. Just shoot. Landscapes, objects and people, everyone has no exception. .

My Lomographic shots were taken without proper positioning, I just shoot and drop.


Monochrome Logo

Few hours left and halloween wil be celebrated by everyone, particularly we Filipinos. Its a celebration, isn't it?. Everyone will be very busy, visiting their parted ones, and celebrating with their relatives. Some would even ask for halloween candies, which is mostly practiced in the west.

Anyway, its my first post on Monochrome Friday and I love participating in this photo community.Creepy is the term to describe a situation, place or an object which is wierdly percieve by people. Creepy places such as cemetery is very common in people's experience, but have you ever wonder what's creepy in the cemetery? You can maybe think of ghosts and ghouls. Its because people are not use to it, we are influence by the "past" people.

The photo I took yesterday, which is dull, when looked at for the first time, people's perceptions would be dull and merely negative, it might be creepy to some, and some wouldn't react at all. It was raining hard yesterday, and when it stopped I stroll around and see the flower hanging with the dull sky, I captured it just before its last dew fall. Creepy?


Ever since I was a little fella, I've been astonish with different magazine covers and those old vintage comic books,which are usually composed of artworks called POP ART. I am a great fan of pop art, those Marilyn Monroe classic shots, but those are the days that POP ART was fading. Fortunately, after many centuries passed the spirit of Pop art was brought back to life with the help of different artist through their passion.

Originally, pop art is composed of different pictures combined into one. Black and white photos of Marilyn Monroe paste into a surf board background, the usual things done. These days, Photoshop is a great help to achieve a POP ART design, from the fonts, the background, down to the overall look of the canvas.

Through Photoshop I created the simple pop art abov eand bring the lines and retro circles back to life. With great color combination, it gives a whole definition of retro and pop art.

If you want a wallpaper copy of the image just email me at kristan_jale@Yahoo.com


(Filipino Post; Tagalog)

Huwebes, at ang paksa na inihanda ng Litratong Pinoy ay kadiliman. Sa katunaya, ito ang una kong litrato bilang kalakip sa pagsali ko sa Litratong Pinoy, kung saan ang mga Pilipinong naluluong sa pagkuha ng mga larawan, ay naibabahagi ang kanilang mga araw-araw na karanasan sa pamamagitan ng litrato na may kalakip na paksa na nagbabago tuwing Huwebes.

Kadliman ang paksa, at ito ang kalakip na litrato:

Kadiliman ang karaniwang tawag pag walang presensya ng liwanag. Hindi ito ang katambal ng liwanag ngunit, sa nasabi nga, ito ang hindi pagkakaroon ng liwanag. Marami ring pumapasok sa isip kapag ang pinag-usapa ay kadiliman, halos lahat dito ay negatibo, tulad ng kamatayan, multo, pagkatakot na baka may masamang mangyari. Anuman, ang maiisip ng normal na tao tungkol dito sa ating paksa, ito pa rin ay may magandang dulot, di lang sa pisikal na pagpapaliwanag kundi sa mental rin na pagpapahayag. Kadiliman ang nagpapahwatig na nagtatapos na ang araw, at sinisimulan naman ito ng liwanag, na naipapahayag ang bagong araw.

Ito ang kuha ko nung nagdaang Linggo, na ginamitan ng "LOMOCAM effects". habang kami'y bumabyahe, natanaw ko ang isang puno na wari'y nadatnan ang paglubog ng araw, na sinundan ng KADILIMAN.


Life is not all about the hues and colors, just like in photographs, monochrome photos, greyscaled and sepia-toned photos gives another meaning, and make photos a more vintage-like style. There are so many photographers who are specialized in monochrome photos. On my side, as a frustrated photography hobbyist (how bout that?), I really love capturing moments and transform them in to monochrome, greyscaled or into a look-through sepia. It would be an advantage if your photo would be a portrait or the cloud is not well-formed when you took the photo.

Monochrome day,Monochrome Logo, a photo meme blog, and a community for monochrome photohunters, i've recently joined this new organization, and would love to work with them around. Friday is the specific posting of the themed photos. Actually, this is not my official and first post on participating the photo meme blog. It was just an introduction of how beautiful monochrome photos would be. Here are some of my monochrome photos taken months ago, I just love to post them:

TEXTURED SHOT: I had my brother posed and covered by a curtain (too have a textured-silhouette effect)

SEPIA SHOT: kids playing along the shore


I was born in General Santos City, and the South Central part of Mindanao has been my home for almost 18 years. I've experience the region's culture, and practices, which i'm really proud of. The visayan dialect and the people's sense of humor.

There are so many cool spots in Mindanao, specifically, the South Central part. Kidapawan. Tacurong, Koronadal, Cotabato City, Sultan Kudarat, South Cotabato, and my hometown, General Santos are just few of the cities composing the south. Every city has distinct feature which every Mindanawon would be very proud of.

Kidapawan City, known as the city of fruits and highland springs (it doesn't matter how long the city's title would be), producing tons of exotic tropical fruits, such as Durian, Mangosteen, and Rambutan. The city also is the home of the "sleeping giant", Mt. Apo, known as the highest peak of the country.

Tacurong, known as the city of goodwill. After several decades, the city have been blooming and took signifacant roles in contributing to a greater Mindanao. The Baras Bird Sanctuary is the city's pride, so many type of birds could be found here.

Koronadal City, the city of hope, culture, and peace. People of Koronadal are hospoitable, and known for their warm greetings with their visitors. Gensan and Koronadal have never been split apart for a significant story. A significant statue is erected in the center of the city to salute General Santos who have been the founder of General Santos City.

Cotabato, the city of peace. People from the different part of the country react negatively upon hearing the place Cotabato. You know, its not all about the war and hatred revolving around the city, but deep in it is peace. People are helping hand-in-hand to overcome and reshape their image on the outside world.

General Santos, the tune capital of the Philippines. Tagging along the economic stability and the export of tuna around the world. The city was a late-bloomer, in such ways, that it was at crisis when the terrorism was flagrant, but with pride and honor, it grew up and became a known city, not just in the country but also in the world.

These are just few of the beautiful things you should know about Mindanao, and its not the ugly things we ough to perceive.
Mindanawons should be heard, the beautiful voices, and the harmony that Northerners should see instead.

(Note: Raw photos are from flickr)


("Palawan" image from: jokojun's flickr photos)

Lately, I've been wondering how to fly around the beautiful spots in te Philippine Islands. I've been wishing to pursue this luck. Palawan, Beaches of Boraacy, Lake Sebu, and even revisit the taste Tuna Delicacies of General Santos City and experience its one-of-a-kind Kalilangan Festival which is a nice place to have in Mindanao. As a Mindanao Blogger, I am hoping to travel around the top sites of the Philippine, for free. Yes!

Then,Cebu Pacific's Blogging Challenge would be very helpful, especially for a photoblogger like me. I love to be in places, dashing on Boracay's white sands, viewing the green Chocolate Hills, and capturing images of Davao City's Kadayawan street dance. All these for free.

This event would lead to a great change. Not only to bloggers who blog Philippine's hot places, but also to contribute popularity in each place we blog. We promote Philippines in the simplest way we can, blogging about it.

All these would be possible, you can fly, you can visit places, foods, experience, and people with Cebu Pacific.

("Tuna Sashimi" image by: adrianling1's flckr photos)


I've been busy this day, and still manage to play with photoshop. Earlier this day, I participated E-business week, and joined Digital Poster Making Contest. I was able to finished my piece but was unsure of its quality, I was frustrated.

Anyway, arriving home, I spent my time chatting and playing with Adobe Photoshop. I planned to make a vector, and unfortunately t'was a crap. I don't think that this piece is a vector-edited photo. I transformed my stolen-shot photo into a piece of crap? Too bad, really bad.

After all that insults from myself to myself, I still love my work, and I'm proud of it. 2 hours is a real big deal.

What do you think? Comment on it.

Oh, and before I forgot, my small bro is having his sixth birthday on Wednesday, I know its too early posting these things, and I planned to make some stuffs to him. I've been rude to him all the time, but now is the time to be fuzzy to him (sometimes), sometimes is always happening. I'm planning to make this vector and print this on some things, which I really don't know. Can you give me ideas?


October 25, 2008, a summit of bloggers from the different part of Mindanao would be again written into Mindanao's Blogging history. Mindanao Bloggers Summit 2, again, proved that we can extract the image of Mindanao out of the other people's perceptions. Blogging to express the real image of "us", that's what MBS2 aimed, which later on proved a succesful closing which was held in Family Country Hotel & Convention Center. Bloggers from all part of Mindanao registered and witnessed the encouraging talks of the different professional bloggers.

9:15 am , the blogging experience began pouring with the different blog discussions, starting from politics, down to the identity of Mindanao. The identity of Mindanao, as discussed by Mr. Hector P. MiƱoza, stayed untouched and unchanged for many years. The social perceptions on our Mindanao became very dominant in terms of negativity, we are dominant and known for these title. News and media became a huge factor of what Mindanao became. Many pro bloggers joined the discussion too, including Aileen Apolo of Google Phil, and Bobby Timonera, a photoblogger of Mindanao.

The city and the region started to bloom, getting out of its shell, with the help of the Local Government, establishing events which will surely be used to promote our advocacy. MBS2 is just one of the thousand steps in reshaping Mindanao, another one is setting-up E-business week, which gives oppotunity to the Generals to advertise and promote their product in such ways that it would help contribute in changing the outlook on Mindanao. E-business week was also established to make the region more aware that we have a showcase of different talents, through having technology-related contests such as, animation, and digital poster making, which is really a great idea.

These two events, which are simultaneously held in Gensan are integral part of renovating and reshaping the mental outlook of Mindanao to other people,especially the northern people. As a blog hobbyist, i'm am writing this to help promote my advocacy on Mindanao's real beauty. I joined MBS2 to learn and be encouraged. I also joined Poster making on E-business week to be expose in such activities which will later be used on communicating and interacting people around the country, and the world.

EVENT HIGHLIGHTS (My Blogging Experience):

Freebies were given into each particpant and inspirational talks about blogging.
SASHIMI NIGHT AND COCKTAILS: A dose of the city's pride, tuna delicacies. Dinner and Fellowship Night: The event organizer, Sir Avel, and my co-bloggers during fellowship night (live band, rmmc presentation, and get-to-know)
Link Submission:



Before I start, i'll check the time first, its already, 1:19 in the morning and I'm back from blogging (MBS2) to blogging (updates), and my mind stopped thinking for about 10 seconds. Earlier this day was MBS2, or Mindanao Bloggers Summit 2, that's why I wasn't able to make a post.

Anyway, this week's photohunt theme is scary, and here is my entry:

FREAKY SUNSET: I took this shot few days ago, and I notice something strange about the clouds on its background, and supposing that the setting is on Van Helsing's realm, then it would be a ideal dull and scary photo. I just notice it. or is it my imaginations working at 100 percent complete horsepower? oh, and before I forgot, that's our house postage.


I finally got my pass for the 2nd Mindanao Bloggers Summit which will be held in Family Country Hotel, in General Santos City, with wee hours left. At first, I was at doubt whether I'll join or not, and registering isn't sure, because it was free, and so many bloggers want to join. I realize that it would be an opportunity and I've been given the privilege to join in this annual blogger's summit.

So cheers to all bloggers who will be joining this extraordinary event, oh, and I can't wait for the sashimi night! and the freebies too!


I've never been in this activity before, its a socialization through sharing photos and adding comments on one's work. This week's photohunt is family, and capturing image and objects related to family would be easier, not so tough, but it should remain unique.

It's my first time joining this photohunt, comment on this work:
MEMORIES: every year, we are having our annual family pic, so that I can compare my face and what have developed through the years, and something you could laugh at when you see those tiny hands you have when you're still at your 5th's.

Photos are the witness of your family experience, the bondings, and the life struggles, you could recall what have happened in those photos.


I've been stuck in the house since Sunday, and all I can picture out were the objects around the house. Everything is in order. This day, I've been into movie watching early this morning, the bad thing is, It was so hot, and I can feel the 38 degrees of hotness, but the good thing is, it rained hard on noontime, weird?

DEW: i know, it's not a perfect shot, for a typical "dew" photo, its hard beating that macro, anyway, I think it's not that discouraging.


Photography, isn't all about shooting and capturing objects, it needs a certain topic, even all of us, hobbyists, professionals, and photobloggers, do the same thing, capturing and making a topic out of the captured photo.

I've been doing research about photography, and it's not all about shooting, but editing it in a photo editor program, such as Adobe Photoshop CS, CS2, and CS3 (not to mention CS4). 70 percent of the time and effort of a shutterbug, would be spent alone in photoshoots, and the 30 percent of his or her time would be on the computer, editing the lightnings and enhancing the settings, but for a professional's point of view, editing is minimized in such ways, because they shoot photos accurately, and it would be expensive if a pro is using a filmed camera, not the digital one, capturing and scanning the hard copy into the computer for edit,a very expensive way, if you have multiple photos.

Using DSLR is an easy way to enhance your photos, you can directly transfer them into the computer by only using a cord.

Although I'm not very aware of the Photoshop's updates and new plug-ins, I still manage to enhance my photographs and make it into a more presentable look. Recently, I've learned an easy technique to enhance the "sky" backdrop in a photograph, that is, using gradients to divide the lightning in the sky.

SKYLINES: in this photo, I used a gradient of two colors, yellow, and blue, to emphasize the silhouette of a treePOSTAGE: the output of putting a gradient in this photo, made an older look on the photograph itself.
In addition, not all photos are applicable for a gradient effect, some would be crapped. It just depend on the lightning of the photo.


Can somebody feel the summer heat? Everyone's waiting...
I love shooting warm scenarios, because you can feel the aggressiveness towards it.

the perfect tree for a perfect beach resort...
ANYTHING UNDER THE SUN: the pool, we can smell the scent the chlorine (lol) and feel the warmth of the sun.


New Things in My Closet

by Tanchi | 11:09 PM in | comments (0)

Its nice to see new items in your closet. If your a collector of different things, specifically, shirts, you'll do anything just to add that cool shirt you've seen somewhere else.

I usually buy a new pair of shoes once in a while, I started collecting shoes when I was in third year high school, and my collection have been dormant for months now, so I decided to buy a new pair of Pony shoes and luckily it was on a rush sale and sold only half of its price, so I decided to buy the Grey one. My sister choose the brightly-colored Pony. Eventually, I have already 8 pairs of shoes stuck in my room.

The next thing I've bought is a hood, a Back Dive Bongo Hood, I love the design of the jacket, it has a monkey on its print, and I love monkeys! I also love the printed quote on its back:

The best way to make your dreams come true, is to wake up.

These are the few things I've recently bought somewhere around the city, and I just love to have them.


I've been busy these past days, so many activities. Friday, I was busy having a rehearsal on our modeling which happened on the following day, Saturday, and I have no time updating my blog. Fortunately, I managed to made some quick post today.

Anyway, it was getting boring on Sunday and I tried to color this piece of crap, my drawing, using Photoshop, and believe me, its hard to do the thing.

I think its time to use Illustrator...


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