First of December - and the Christmas countdown would begin. Everyone would be excited, and watching Christmas movies is a part of my daily habit whenever December arrives. I would do anything, I even adjust my schedule just to have a marathon of Christmas movies, including the classics. Starting this day, i'm expecting to watch some of my all time favorite movies, at least 5 movies a week.

Anyway, to start this post, I would like to share my top 5 Christmas movies which are always on the line whenever I have my movie marathon.

Starting off at...

5.) The Nightmare Before Christmas - from Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas, this 1993 fantasy film is a nice and freaky-at-first movie. Jack Skellington of Halloween town wants to take over Christmas by captivating Santa Claus just to ruin the Special Event, but later on realized the true meaning of Christmas.

4.) The Grinch - see? I'm always on the antagonist side, ever wonder? My 5th and 4th pick are both freaky, but who cares? I'd love seeing them both. The Grinch, played by Jim Carrey have never been different with Jack Skellington, from their evil plans then reconciliations.

3.) The Polar Express - originally based from the book of Chris Van Allsburg which was made alive in 2004. With the stunning effects, it would be great with the family, especially the kids. Not me either. A boy is lying and waiting on his bed in Christmas Eve when a Magical Train suddenly appeared, bringing him along with the other children into the North Pole.

2.) Serendipity - no more animated films this time, my top 2 pick is Serendipity. I'm not a lover of love stories either, but this movie makes me chill, aside from the Christmas setting the movie got, I also have a huge crush on Kate Beckinsale, and the simple story of a couple reunite years after the night they first met, fell in love, and separated, convinced that one day they'd end up together. Watch it.

and the NO. 1 is...

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York - admit it, you must have watch these sequel over and over again. There are 3 Home Alone Movies, and Home Alone 2 is the best for me. Kevin McCallister and his family are taking a vacation to Florida. At the airport, Kevin loses his family and accidentally gets on a plane to New York City. After enjoying himself there for a while, he runs into his intruders from the original film, Harry and Marv, who have escaped from prison.

Aside from the gag moments of the movie, I also love hearing the soundtracks of it. The Christmas songs which I'll never forget. So, what are you waiting for grab the remote and start watching movies of your favorite collections.


Plurk has consumed much of my time responding and posting your daily activities. It's addicting. I really don't know what's the essence of updating your plurk every hour, except for that online buddy maker and those "Nirvana here I come" lines from addicted users.
So I decided to try it out, from Twitter jumped to Plurk. The starting days of my account was dormant, updating once in a while, and just posting for some extraordinary activities you got their. That's it.Weeks later, as my karma points grew, I was in awe not to plurk for even just a day. Was I desperate or plainly addicted to this service? I tried uploading my photo for my profile, customized the theme and hang-out with other users.

Then, that's it.The once uknown to me had become a part of my daily routine, spending almost half of the day interacting the the "plurkville", as what they call it. Of course, you have to update your profile, from its font down to what you needed most, the overall theme. So here I just want to share you my 1 month plurk page. Fresh from the top and using my logo, I decided to make it as a background.

The logo I made just only for MY PLURK PAGE, is a proof how much I have been addicted in the past 1 month. At least, I wouldn't die for it though.

The original cut of my graphic design.
An actual screenshot of my page. Still at low karma.

So there they go, off to Plurkville andpost your daily activities. But, don't forget some things should be prioritized first before setting of to our plurk homeland. :)



Recently, I made a header for BURSTIMPRESSION, which belongs to my blogger friend, Frances. Because its a worldless weekend and boredom consumed me, I decided to help her establish her young blog.

This seemed to be easier than the other blog header I designed because of the overall theme of the blog, and the photo resources. You always need a good photo for your header.

Anyway here's the result from a quick 30-minute sprint of Photoshop:

gradient photo, 3d font effect and paths for the rays surely made a great combination

Kristan Franco Photography

By the way, don't forget to take a peek and visit BURST IMPRESSION, photography and stuffs.


As I said in my previous blog post, I will be adding additional photos of my city's on going development particularly Gensan's city centre.

As usual I got my 3 buddies going with me, and of course the trail is going to Dunkin Donuts, not to mention yesterday's crap, We have no money but we're confident and stay inside.

In addition to, the last period ended at 5:30, enough time to take a look around. Fortunately, the rain stopped paving us the reason to walk instead of riding PUV's. Considering the feeling of having breakdowns and being happy for a "no-class-monday", we almost cracked bad jokes, those corny and green jokes.
Anyway, here are some of my additional shaky shots in sequel to my previous blog post:

The neighbor school of my school, Mindanao State University .

Preparation of the Oval Plaza for the upcoming Pasko sa Gensan, the busy people establishing their entry.

The lot I used to witness once has now fully maximized and developed for young Generals' playground.

Busy people inside the Dunkin Donut and the branch owner orienting the security guard.

A fruit stand near our subdivision, it was once a dirty place but now optimized and used for a living. At night, the Pioneer Avenue is lit with decors glowing in Christmas Lights.

The lights of the City Hall is just as splendid when it gets darker. It is unfinished yet, how much more if this would be already at its peek? I also got a speedlight from a moving vehicle. Watch closely.


The four lazy and frustrated students decided to hang-out again and stroll downtown just to have fun. The class ended just exactly 4. Ever wonder who they were? Well, it's obviously me, Ferdinand, Jowee, and Ninz. As usual, talking while walking. Everyone decided to take a look around the people who have been busy making up the face of Gensan.

I was hesitant doing some shots on the city, not to mention how pissed I've been with my camera, as I blog on the previous post. I've been pressing so many on the cam's on and off, but still the batteries' have been suspended and grounded I guess. Well, in that case you have to catch up with the duration. Geez, I want another cam. Fortunately, I 've got some shots which feature certain parts of Gensan, in motion.

Back to the four hungry appettites, we decided to go to the newly renovated Dunkin Donuts a nearby small mall, Fitmart and took a sweet stick of tempura, and crab sticks for only 10 pesos. While having a sip on the iced tea, we decided to depart and go somewhere else, not to mention the most silly thing we did, I guess.

The photos I captured while walking along the street of Gensan, explains the city's progress. Since christmas is fast approaching, the transformation to an Enchanted City began.
Those men are completing a concrete road along the City Hall.

The newly renovated Dunkin Donuts, from a less presentable view and services to a fully renewed design. The other branch of this was demolished for SM City Gensan will be established. The three hungry heads, plus the one who took the photo.

A view from the sidewalk: the busy jeepneys and people,too.

Men are busy inside that boundary, and students from a nearby school taking a peek of whats going on inside.

See? the City Hall is halfway through its full transformation to a King Arthur's Castle to be witnessed during Pasko sa Gensan 2008. Watch out for some spots of the city which will also be enchanted.

Revisit my blog for additional photos tomorrow (Friday, Nov. 28, 2008)


Huwebes na naman at bagong lahok na naman ng Litratong Pinoy, ako'y maantok-antok pa at wala pa sariling kamalayan, ngunit lalahok na sa linggong tema.

Bago ang lahat, kakagaling ko lang sa eskwela at naaamoy ko pa rin ang pabangong nagamit ko kanina.

Magsisimula ang lahok ko dito, at ang tema ay "Ang Pagwawagi", alam ko karamihan sa atin ay nakaisip ng Manny Pacquiao (di nga ba?). Ngunit wala namang nakakakuha ng litrato ni Pacman maliban na lang dun sa mga propesyonal. Iba naman ang magiging konsepto ko. Alam naman nating ,maraming bagay ang sumisimbolo ng pagwawagi, kaya naisipan kong iakibat ang Medalyo sa konsepto ng tema.

Ito ang medalyo ko nang sumali ako sa isang patimpalak ng SOCCSKSARGEN IT CHALLENGE, kung saan iba't-ibang paaralan ang nagsinglahukan, marami ang bigatin. Animating (Audio-Visual) ang kategoryang ipinasa sa akin. Sa wakas, sa huling pagkakataon, nakuha ko rin ang 1st place na una'y hindi ko nakamit ng nagdaan taon. Php2000.00 ang napanalunan ko, maliit mang halaga, ay napasaya ako, dahil may nagawa rin pala ako buhat ng aking talento. Isang medalyo rin ang aking natanggap mula sa ACLC, nang ako'y umaakyat sa entablado.

Kristan Franco Photography

Hinding-hindi ko makakalimutan ang mga bagay na to, na minsan naisip kong napagdaanan ko rin pala. Ito nga talaga ay mahalaga, at pinag-iingatan ko. Maligayang LP!


Sorry guys, I'll be posting another boring and labeled as non-sense topic this time. I was really tired this day, but being tired makes me bored too. I decided to blog again a non-sense post. Whatelse would I do? Plurk, Friendster, Listening to wierd sounds and those teleseryes which makes me really sick, I'm an avid fan of Betty though.

Anyway, this day wasn't really exciting at all. More lectures less play. You know, giving so much of your attention to the one talking at the front. I did my daily routine, as usual, hang-out with my friends, do some freaky stuffs such as calling out loud names and banging those CR doors while no one was watching, and being driven out of control with those Programming 1 lectures. I wasn't really confident at all. 4:30 pm, I'm back again for another boring major subject lecture. Damn, and here I am, sucking the mouth of the inhaler, and nebulizing again the cough I used to have right now.

Anyway (I'm repeating again what I typed above), I just want to share to you some things I shot (literally) over the past few weeks.

Kristan Franco PhotographyEver thought why Peter Parker let himself loose and fall?

Playing with the phone

Kristan Franco Photography
Yeah, you saw it right, it's Christmas time again.

Riding a vehicle, I found those rusted and aged.

I was still in a "pissed-off" mood regarding my camera's behavior, or should I change the batteries because these were already overcharged which made them grounded. I'll be hoping for tommorrow's entry at Litratong Pinoy, If the camera will be as good as a piece of cake then it would be better.


Ever heard of the radio hits, Kisapmata, Awit ng Kabataan, and You'll be Safe Here? Yes, you heard them right. All songs are hits of one of the Philippine's top rock bands, Rivermaya. The band largely made impact to the music industry. What's good about them is that, they'll be visiting and will rock Gensan's East Asia Royal Hotel to celebrate the Octoberfest 120 (120 Days Aapaw ang Saya) on November 28. If you're an avid fan of the band then expect a few arrangement on their line-ups. Jayson Fernandez will be taking over the band since Rico Blanco left for a solo flight.

You know what's more rocking than the visit of the band? Well, it seems that the Generals are addicted to foam party and stuffs like that, including barhopping, giving the teenagers a reason to go out and rock the night.

Cold Four of Davao City, and Interfaith of Gensan will also be experiencing the event, by fronting the stage and start the foam party.

Interested? Then grab a hundred-peso bill and begin the fun with a free San Miguel Beer. Rock on at 7!


It was already 6 am when I felt that someone is waking me up, finally I realize that it was my mom ditching again my sleepyhead. Waking up from a frequent moodswing the other night was hard, and I was not in the mood again to stand up and fix my things.

My dad had just arrived from Cagayan de Oro, he's always travelling to the other part of the country. I really don't know whats the point of strolling and visiting Davao, I just agreed to go with them, what else could I do, if I know that the best part of it is, another allowance?

8 am when we started packing our things for a one-day visit in Davao. My dad was working in a Coca-Cola Company, giving the us the reason to be in the largest city many times, and the fact that we would just visit their and stroll around their large and cozy places. One thing I never forgot in visiting Davao when I was a kid was the Mcdo Chicken, the first time I've tasted it.

Later on we realized that we haven't took our breakfast, so the best thing to do while travelling was to order foods through the Jollibee's "drive-thru", t'was never been hard.

After a 2-hour travel we finally arrived, and I was pissed off by the behavior of my digicam, on and off habit while having empty and grounded batteries, the reason why I haven't documented things most of the time. Fortunately, I captured some. Then, the mall-strolling started.

The photos I captured in VGA can explain our experiences in Davao. Sorry for the low resolution though:
My excited sister (sorry no shot for my bro and my mom)

My dad busy concentrating on the road

another branch of Gaisano Mall aside from Gensan (sorry for the bad shot, the car is moving)

Rosary at the car

Davao Central High School (correct me if this is a Chinese school?)

One thing I'll never forget (bottomless Iced tea)

I've got a shirt from Mr. Bean and a black skinny jeans

...and a "Sperm Monkeys" shirt by Flush Art

The last day:

starting the day with tocino, fried egg, and a java rice at Dimsum Diners.

See, it makes me smile after the meal.

On the way home, getting a peek at the "Pomelos" (too bad I forgot the durian)

A stall with varieties of fruit along the highway

The monochrome odd shots:

"Window-knockers" as they call them, on a burger stand.
An empty billboard


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