Mouth-watering dishes- this is the main goal of Ms. Cathy Teng, who runs Lagao Road's savoring food experience, Orange Bistro.

The restaurant's perfect location, Lagao road, make in and out visitors of Gensan come along, the fact that Lagao is an exit road of the city leading to Davao and Sarangani Province.

Kristan Franco Photography

There are so many comfortable restaurants around the city, but Orange Bistro would still be one of my favorite restaurant here in Gensan. The soothing place and mild lightnings topped my reasons why I keep on coming back for a more well-deserved meal on Orange Bistro.

Last Saturday, Gensan Plurkers decided to meet-up again, or more preferably called, Plurkfiesta, along with a warm-welcoming of a Davao Blogger and Plurker, Mr. Blogie Robillo, who went for his 2-day vacation on Gensan.

Orange Bistro always served good shots of foods. When our random order arrived, it was indeed, well-arranged platters.

Served in front of me was a platter of Nachos dipped in well-applied dose of cheese savors. Preparing Nachos are easy but on that case, the combination of its cheese dip and the crisp Nacho is a good way to start your meal. It is definitely a must-try for all dining at Orange Bistro.

A line of Chicharong Bulaklak (Fried Pork Intestine) is all set for a pinch of vinegar to soak with. I'm much of a Chicaron (Pork Skin) eater than with those Chicharon which mainly consist of Pork Intestine, but to my excitement, I've decided to take dip some crispy part of it into vinegar. It was the intense taste of the vinegar and the Pork Intestine itself which led me for another shot of it.

Kristan Franco Photography

Spaghetti and Angel's Hair were unique in different ways, but it would have been a same approach since the two are both pasta, but Angel's Hair is quite different from what I expected it to be with the sweet taste of Spaghetti. It is very much similar in terms of it's appearance, but Angel's Hair had other unforgettable taste and a soothing aroma.

Ever tried an Iced Tea with a drip of Orange fruit extract? It was the first time I tried to extract two slices of Orange fruit and the blending was quite far from the expected taste of the drink. There was a mild-sourness when I tried sipping it, and as it pass through I took over a taste of sweetness, better yet, the original taste of the Iced Tea.

Since the place is located just beside the highway, I'm sure travelers would be seeing much of an Orange Bistro comfortable site, and their function room just beside the dining proper of the place. Start visiting the place now, and who knows, this might be a new thrill for you to share with.

Orange Bistro is located at Lagao Road, General Santos City.


March 28,2009 is a day that would once again mark the history, in which people unite for one goal: to temporarily cut off the electricity and turn off all the lights to reduce the negative effect on Earth.

This time, it's our turn to participate. All the Generals would be actively supporting this special event. The local government of General Santos City is participating for the first time with the response and initiative of Mayor Pedro B. Acharon in the invitation to join and support this move.

World's largest mass participation: One billion people, 1000 cities will join force to help save the earth by sending out impulses to UN and help reduce and contain the Greenhouse gas which continuously damage the earth.

The country's participation was initiated by WWF and Department of Energy, getting the attention of almost all Filipinos nationwide.

As an active General who is willing to take the chance out of it, I'm calling out people of SOCCSKSARGEN to take action and responsibility in a once beautiful earth.

Kristan Franco Photography

This is a movement for us to prove that we still care about our planet, we all strive for a better earth, and most of all, there's still a hope to build a better tomorrow.


Manneken Pis

by Tanchi | 10:46 PM in , | comments (9)

Kristan Franco Photography

Manneken Pis is a dutch word for Little Peeing Man, and commonly known in French as Petit Julien. Basically, it is a sculpture depicting a small boy with an act of urinating into a fountain's basin.

There are so many Mannekin Pis around the world, but one thing is for sure, the most famous would definitely belong to Belgium's Rue de l'√Čtuve & Eikstraat, which is 61 cm, and contains a wardrobe for different occasions.

Curious about the legend of this little peeing fella?

There are several legends behind this statue, but the most famous is the one about Duke Godfrey III of Leuven. In 1142, the troops of this two-year-old lord were battling against the troops of the Berthouts, the lords of Grimbergen, in Ransbeke (now Neder-over-Heembeek). The troops put the infant lord in a basket and hung it in a tree, to encourage them. From there, he urinated on the troops of the Berthouts, who eventually lost the battle.

Having this replica straight from Belgium from one of our family friends is a great way to experience art from Dutch. Would you believe, a little peeing man would definitely cost a priceless art? I guess so.


Gensan is indeed full of surprise. The visit of a great songwriter and composer David Pomeranz last February 14 proves the possibility that the city can hold events not just local artists but also to those who are international performers.

April is the best month to showcase another talent, but this time, it would be the scene of the local artists. This time, it's not feeding our eardrums with melodies, instead, it would be a night of humor, and laugh lines.

Did I ring a bell?

April 19,2009, the same spot where David Pomeranz serenade the Generals, Lagao Gym, Pooh and K will be feeding us with their most funny and famous laugh lines. With this great combination of the country's top comedians, Pooh and Kay Brosas would definitely laugh our hearts out.

This event will be a blast for sure, adding the fact that Pooh used to impersonate our very own Manny Pacquiao, with this fact, his on-going famous career began with his comedic-name, Manny POOHquiao.

Here's a teaser from Pooh's stunning laugh lines as Manny Poohquiao:

Meanwhile, Kay Brosas who's claim-to-fame was her "Sasakyan Kita" video which was performed by her group called K and the Boxers.

LAUGH 'TIL YOU DROP, The compatibility of Kay Brosas to Pooh was never a bad decision, the two would definitely be on track with each other's line.

I guess, this would be a night to free your worries and start that moment with nothing but the laughter on your mind. Just relax and have a dose of Pooh-K sessions.

So Generals? What are you waiting for? Be sure to reserve your tickets now, and watch out for on-going promos:
  • Platinum - Php 600 (reserve seats, courtside)
  • Gold - Php 400 (free seating, courtside)
  • Silver- Php 250 (free seating, lower bleacher)
  • Bronze - Php 150 (free seating, upper bleacher)
Want some free pass? Then, be sure to take off your seat and visit Bariles Republic for his BLOG-ABOUT-IT on-going contest.

For more info, you may contact 0920-2078888 and 0905-8222220 or call the City Mayor’s Office at (083) 554-4214. Look for Haydee


Everytime I hear the school bell ringing just below the floor we used to stay in, I never get tired thinking about the fact that school year is at it's peek and at least i'll get or should we say, I deserved a break after the tiring pressures of having a college life. My freshman year is ending, and seems like I was living the first day just yesterday. So many great thing happened, plus, a dose of ecstatic pressures as college student. Well, at last, I'll be leaving those PE's shameful dance practicums in front of a vast number of people, and a dose of memorable underdog sanctions from our college division.

School will be in silence again.

Summer's fast approaching and it's up to us how to spend this short hiatus. I can't even wait for those sleepless nights again. Staring at the computer all night long, and sleep as late as we want to. Plurk.

After this week, I'm definitely going to reward myself a lot of fun-filled activities, Rockband 2, join those priceless moments with my high school and college friends, or even stroll outside the Gensan outskirt. But, these following things would definitely be a must-try for me during summer:

1.) Take summer photographs in the famous beaches of Gumasa.
2.) I wonder if I can read a whole boring book or novel.
3.) Fix my VERY MESSY closet for it's been a year since I fixed those clothes.
4.) Eat exotic foods along the street.
5.) Listen to all the albums of The Beatles while having a roadtrip.
6.) Unwind myself through a videoke session the whole night with my friends.
7.) Make popsicles.
8.) Get myself a new pair of jeans and a comfy pair of white sneakers.
9.) Watch horror films along with my friends late at night. The Exorcism of Emily Rose or Exorcist: Dominion?
10.) I just wanna be on the beach and build castle made of Nestea Cups!
Summer is indeed all things but for me, it's also the best time to discover who you are by trying to do interesting things which will make you realize your passion.


It's been a while since I posted photos related to my hobby photography. Since I only got a Canon EOS 750QD circa 90s, and a cheap digicam, I've been limited into short range shooting, and pale color output, I basically use Adobe Photoshop, just to acquire my desired image contrast.

One thing I usually do is to adjust the curves and levels of the photo to pop the image out, or the other way round, rendering with the help of my Photoshop Filters.

Topaz' PS Filter is a great way to set the contrast in your photos with a popping effect.
The package offers great photo effect template and manual sliders for the colors and contrast. It's good to experiment with its interface, that's why I found myself manipulating and processing photos again after a long hiatus.

Although I need to acquire some more skills about shooting and processing, I know, i'm in the process of learning, and hopefully learn some additional basic skills.

This one was shot from Tropicana Beach Resort, somewhere here in Gensan. To add more dramatic effect, I turned it into black and white, and set the contrast high enough to distingush the two shades with the use of curves. To tweak more of it, I pop the image using Topaz.

This is the road to Panabo, Davao del Norte. Since the original output of this one is pale, and the sky was so clear, where you can barely see clouds on it, I decided to turn it into a black and white photo, and added a crisp on the photo using the same filter.


Plurk has been dominant here in Gensan. It's been a useful source of latest information about the online and offline world in real time. For bloggers like us, it's been a source of upcoming blogger meet-ups. This time, I finally attended the 2nd Plurkfiesta which was finally pushed through with the initiative of Sir Avel of Gensan News Online Magazine.

The second Plurkfiesta of SOCCSKSARGEN bloggers, particularly Gensan Bloggers and Plurkers, was held last February 26, and the recently opened Blugre Coffee Shop was the first venue.

Blugre Coffee Shop had been one of my favorite since I visited Davao, it's my first coffee experience back when I was in my early days in high school. So when I know about Blugre's opening here in Gensan, I got ecstatic all over again.

My first experience from Blugre was the Davao-inspired taste, Blugre Larcepuccino, the special taste of the Coffee Shop, along with its Durian Gatchpuccino. Another thing, Blugre offers meals too, along with its satisfying drinks.

For night workers, Blugre is suited for you, wifi hotspot, and it's chilling place and a modern-inspired interior design.

The third Plurkfiesta which was held on March 6 was a new experience. This time, we were enjoying the wonderful live acoustic band of Generals Brew, located downtown, Pioneer Avenue. The newly established Genbrew offers a wide variety of food experience, such as coffee, coolers, sandwiches and pastries. Another item to be added in my foodlist is Genbrew's Stromboli. It is a turnover dough filled with cheese inside, and its very sweet Strawberry Smoothies.

The third time I joined the meetup, I finally meet my plurk friends, and the other bloggers I usually see in the blogger's meetings.

Another thing I love about having meetups, PHOTO OPS!

thanks sir avel and sir leonard for the photos


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