The tutorial will help you discover the essence of the animation palette in adobe photoshop cs,cs2, and cs3. We will make a popping head of Manilyn Monroe (to those who wonder why Manilyn Monroe,its because it is so nice to see her head popping especialy when you play a music *lol*)


1.) of course, ADOBE PHOTOSHOP
2.) patience
3.) a picture of manilyn monroe, or other picture (even you)
4.) trust me, its sooo easy.


1.) create a new document with a size of 360x363 pixels.

2.) fill the layer with black.
3.) open the image of manilyn monroe,cut and copy her image to the newly created document
now, we will animate her. (we'll make her alive!)
4.) open the animation palette in the menu bar: WINDOW>ANIMATION
5.) we will now cut Manilyn Monroe's head (how sick) but be sure not to incude her neck, just the face including the head.
6.) then copy the head and paste it we should now have her head separated from another full copy. the order of layers should look like this one:
7.) then, proceed to the animation palette and duplicate the should now have two frames
8.) select again frame 1 and duplicate the head and rename it into "pophead"
9.) ctrl + t to transform and rotate the the first copy of the head, and slightly rotate it sideways. be sure to hide the "pophead: layer in frame 1.

10.) next, in frame 2 select the layer "pophead" and rotate it opposite to the one you rotated back in frame 1. this time hide the original copy of the head while showing the "pophead" layer.
11.) play the sequence in the animation palette, if finished go toe FILE>SAVE FOR WEB
its finished as of now, if you want to make the head more interesting, duplicate the frames many times, while simultaneously duplicating the layers.


  1. Lollii-Pii on November 14, 2008 at 8:07 PM cool..^^


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