Recently, my mother and my little brother spent their meal in McDonald's and their value meal is a lot better than their past promos. Spiderman replicas are sold along with a value meal. This time, little brother got grasp on this chibi Venom model. Although it's not that detailed, I got an eye on it, and I think it was the best toy coming from McDonald's yet.

Kristan Franco Photography

Kristan Franco Photography


Kalilangan Festival 2009 is all set for a blast this coming Friday, February 20. The festival is known for its showcases, particularly, Streetdance Competition where different schools perform through colorful appearances. Lakan at Lakambini is also a must-see in the festival, and other associated pageantry.

There's been a great development on how the Local Government, specifically, the Gensan Tourism Council, establish the plans on how to push through with Kalilangan. After the releasement of Kalilangan Festival's official poster there had been a greater positive response, considering how the design of the poster made an eye for everyone. Ramon Magsaysay Memorial College's Grease Art Studio never failed it's subject, and basically, this year's theme.

Kristan Franco Photography

GTC's vice-chair Rey Billena's previously released schedule concludes a greater Kalilangan Festival, magnificent showcases around the city, battle of beauties, and tons of suprises for the enjoyment of everyone. One proof of a much amazing Kalilangan Festival this year is the David Pomeranz Concert last February 14th.

General Santos City's 70th Foundation Anniversary is entitled "Pagbabalik Gunita sa Pitumpong Taon ng Kaunlaran, Kapayapaan, at Kasiyahan". The festival is a great approach on how the city made it through its ups and downs the past 70 years.

Be sure to be in the Grand Ceremonial Opening on the 20th day of February, which is usually followed by a grand fireworks display. HAPPY KALILANGAN!


The lights on every corner are brightly gazing in everyone's ecstatic face, while guiding myself into the aisle in between the rows of the uniform-colored chair. It's 14th of Feburuary and every couple inside that event hall would definitely marked that day as a history.

Kristan Franco Photography

After finding a comfortable yet suitable sit near the stage, I excitedly took a glimpse on everyone, making up the familiar faces while the light is still on its peek. I couldn't describe much more of the place that night, except the fact that I got an eye on the stage's design. It was splendid, the theme suites well.

Kristan Franco Photography

Hours later, the event started its toll, the lights were turned off, and the stage was completely became the center of attention. After the band of instrument players ascended, David Pomeranz finally got off to the center stage who would later sing almost 15 songs. The crowd was starting to grow desperate for a David Pomeranz experience in Gensan.

The crowd had been hypnotised the time David Pomeranz stepped up and hit the note on his preluding song, Got to Believe, which later followed by his hit songs My Favorite Story, Tell Me, Trying to Get the Feeling Again, and On This Day. On the other hand, obviously, the oldies are once again reliving the spark with their partners that night.

Kristan Franco Photography

The amazement never ended yet, instead, we were very much amaze with another unexpected-ness of David Pomeranz, his Charlie Chaplin musical approach.

The fact that I grew up with his love sings playing over and over again, I haven't been much of David Pomeranz' songs not until that night end. It was surely a night to be cherished. Although my night ended without a valentine partner, I knew I still got the best part, making new friends.I know there's more to be stated here, but i'll leave some of the experiences inside.

credits: collage photos taken from kyawster.


By the time the 14th day of February 2009 arrive, I know i'm still loveless, I'm not desperate though, but I guess this will be my best valentine season yet. Just because of a blog entry, my valentine season would be as perfect as what I expect it to be.

February 14, the same day David Pomeranz will be performing downtown, on the other hand, myself was rewarded a chance to see him perform upclose and personal. I guess it will make my day on the 14th. Another thing is, a P1000 gift certificate from Grab-A-Crab, one of the finest dining experience in the city.

Who knows, I might find the girl-in-my-dreams there, right inside the concert hall. Or, maybe unintentionally bump her, and the rest would be the history. Who knows? I'm just picturing things out.

This perfect valentine season wouldn't be complete if Bariles Republic didn't establish a blogging contest about David Pomeranz' concert. So, thanks for giving my the chance, I got lucky! It's just my luck.

If you want to read other entries on the David Pomeranz Blogging Contest, then start it now! CLICK HERE.


I grew up with experiences of suburban thrills, while rarely visiting places of Gensan's outskirts, particularly, Puting Bato. The moment we recieve our place to establish our Backyard Catechism thrills me. Imagine, being on a populated place, experience their way of living their, everything's a whole new level, since I grew up downtown.

A view from the descended part of the community, approaching the highway.Kristan Franco Photography

Life under the highway is simple, everyday is just an ordinary day. Descending from the main road, cloth hangers catched my attention, kids playing just beside the road, by that time, you'll realize how dangerous it is. A path leading to their chapel, where you could barely walk through, is the first thing you'll experience through.

Kristan Franco Photography

Kristan Franco Photography

Above all this,what thrilled me most is how these people showed enthusiasm to our simple teachings, especially the children. Obviously,the place is crowded with more children than adult ones. Children are eager to learn and join in activities. People in that place would really change your impressions into somewhat kind and cozy fellows, actually, they did welcomed us warmly.


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