Lazy Saturday evening - me and my family decided to take our supper at Orange Bistro, mom is to tired to cook (di bale nang tamad, di naman pagod.haha), a place not unsual and common to me, of course, I would strongly agree if that would be the place, who would contradict, when the place is so soothing with is bossa nova genre of music, the retro corners of the environment, including the good service, quality food (yung lechon kawali tsaka crispy pata), and lastly the wifi hotspot? T'was around 6:30 when we arrive at the place, I was already hungry that time, and of course, I brought My Chbi Darth Vader and His Jukebox, while waiting for the ordered foods, I bring out the laptop and started connecting to the network, and later surf the web. As expected I bring with me my camera, took pictures around, but doesn't took long because the batteries run drained that time.

After meal, I returned my face back to the monitor, checked my e-mails, and suddenly a feeling I never ever wanted to feel whenever outdoors (you know it...) Hint: its because I ate too much, and never get tired of the bottomless Iced Tea, so the effect, the CALL OF NATURE

Forunately, it was gone minutes later, it faded like farting, so, I concentrated back to the laptop again. It was already 9:30 when we finish the surfing (tsaka yung stambay). Minutes later, we finally departed and took a stop at the DUNKIN DONUTS (these people have huge appettite) for some food at home (or some midnight food).

11 pm - arriving late at home, the feeling of being drunk, drowsy. I'm wasted, wasted in terms of body energy, in short, I'm tired. I decided not to turn the cmputer on, and take a rest instead. So quickly, I turn the lights off, and left My Chibi Darth Vader and his Jukebox in the study table, and SHUT MY EYES OFF.

(edited picture made through ADOBE PHOTOSHOP CS2. credits: orange bisro, and my sister)


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kristan jan franco

kristan jan franco

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