Donnamae Congson - owner of Envy Me Salon, one of the famous salon and spa service of the town, is extending her business not just in salon but a bar. Taaz Bar is a new experience of night life in Gensan. By May 2009, the bar, which is located at the rooftop of Envy Me Salon and Citifront lodge, Pioneer Avenure, is expected to open. A new site will soon be added to Pioneer Avenue's night life. Let's keep them coming. Taaz Bar is making a way to Pioneer's lively nights.

As a contributor of establishing the bar, I've been recently invited by Miss Donna to her location to develop ideas which would later be used for the logo. Since the place is a native-inspired look, while maintaining it's modern approach, the fonts used are simple yet jointed styles.

The color is the main criteria. A good combination of yellow, orange, and brown makes the place bright and soothing. I also included the native colors of the famous Tinalak to meet the Bar's tagline, "Where Style Meets Culture". Laslty, to meet and consider the modern part of the bar, I decided to make the logo circular with the use of waves and musical notes.

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Since my summer is full of homework, and stuffs from school, my brain is all dried up. A feeling of being played with the south and west wind.

School days are too far gone in this summer season. Now I got a literally dry summer. Except from the fact that I get to see my damn cracking friends everyday, but i'm almost snapped out. I know, it's a usual thing for a student, and I must enjoy it.

So, does it mean that summer is my greatest frequency of moodswings? Aside from the weather, some people which I can't seem to reach out is one reason why I got on-board with the mood to capture out anything based from my instincts and current emotion. A photo of three dried leaves along the road left lying by the rustling wind.

This photo got so many emotions, that's why I decided to mark the word, Season, because season is just like the feelings of a person. Not all the time we are happy, not all the time we are in vain. Nevertheless, let us all remember that life is too short, so let's celebrate every moment of it, even though it's a sad moment or at the peek of your happiness. Cheers to life!

Kristan Franco Photography

So far, summer is all dried up. How's yours? Was that too EMO?! LOL


Nokia N95 Shots

by Tanchi | 7:13 AM in , | comments (11)

Last Saturday, I had a good grip with N95. It's 5-megapixel close up shooting mode is bad as I have thought. Basically, N95 is good for shooting foods, and close up images. Here are some of my shots (not to mention, all of them are not foods) using N95:

Left: A glass of wine, while capturing it's glare coming from the light behind.
Right: Close-up shot of the iPod. Is the boredom really obvious?

Kristan Franco Photography

Tilted angle of the glasses.

Kristan Franco Photography

A close up shot with the floating ice.

Kristan Franco Photography

After all, it's all about the drinking glasses.

Kristan Franco Photography

In conclusion, except from handling much noise, N95 is considerable and would be a good source of close-up shots.


Children are ecstatic again!

The photo above gives a best description of how kids wanted to spend their summer. Endless games and all day running, and sweating.


Summer days are over for a frustrated student like me. Those afternoon strollings and sleepless nights are ending up, unfortunately. Nothing beat those old yogurt nights and a tiring movie marathon. Those are the things I usually do during that short summer break, and now, seems like a snap of an eye, i'm back to school. For a freshman-turning-sophomore, I know i'm not used to it, but one thing's for sure, I know i'll be used to it. Summer classes are definitely tiring, when laziness strikes, especially when you're in front of the most infamous teacher who would turn out to be the most profound and boring teacher you've ever had.

It's been a while since I've been a freshman, so many tons of homeworks and pop quizes and now, I finally caught myself unloading completed subjects, however, I'm still undergoing NSTP1 and NSTP2, along with IT ethics. Since it's summer, class hours are longer than the usual semester, and unfortunately, the subjects are taken up daily.

Who would ever forgetmy previous timeline? I must say, I'll be having a distorted summer timeline:

5:00 - phone alarms with a scary alarmtone

5:30-6:00 - snooze, snooze,snooze

6:00 - Finaly off from bed, gargle mouth

6:00-6:15 - on CR;the soap is getting thinner as days pass

6:15-6:30 - a cup of coffee or a chunk of meat is prepared in the dining table

6:30 - proper grooming for a frustrated student; hair clay, perfume and neat attire is a must

7:00 - plurk early in the morning with a handy-dandy laptop

7:15 - off for a ride to school

7:30 - prepare for a 4-hour subject. God! I hat NSTP

9:45 - off for a snack-break

10:00 - back at the lecture hall

11:45 - finally free from an insane and unbearable subject

12:00 - NO LUNCH! off to IT Ethics

2:00 - school day is over; off to school cafeteria for a late lunch

3:00 - descend back home

So? Summer class is hell, but, it's still cool being in school. There are so many things which could be done aside from keeping your eyes on those unbearable lectures, I just haven't think of those yet.

How about you? Have you been engaged into this kind of summer activity? How's the first impression?


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