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While I'm checking my bag, and looking for some papers for tommorow's activities, I gathered the objects found inside my bag, maybe because of boredom or the need to make the time flow faster, every object inside the bag makes my day complete, but for school days I usually bring my digital camera instead of the SLR, the difference there is that the digicam is super handy than the monster one (my SLR), I usually bring and use the big one whenever on a trip-mode, or in a one-of-a-kind adventure.


1.) My Coin and Cellphone Pouch - its a two-in-one function, whenever I leave the house for school, i'll make sure that I have some extra coins in my pouch for my fare together with my cp.

2.) Hair Care - Tricks and Gatsby Wax are found on the other pouch of my bag, these two are compatible, Wax makes my hair to be in the proper place the whole day, without retouching it. While, Tricks is just a hair grooming creme' use in a 1-minute workout for hair and if you have no time to re-style your hair. (I'm not endorsing, ayt?)

3.) My Customized Binder - Of course, when you go to school, you'll make sure you have proper notepads and school supplies, I started using binder in first year college, its more on the side of organizer, you can organize clippings to it instantly without going crazy for that thousand papers.
I change the cover of it, and cut pictures from different mags to create it as one.

4.) My Identification Card - I can't enter the school without it, all universities do. I change the sling because I really don't like using the default sling of the school, instead I used "Team McLaren" (cool).

5.) Daily Dose of BAON - I need money, really. Even all of us do, I usually spend the half of my daily allowance and save the other half of it (its good to save earlier).

6.) House Keys - Each of us in the house have different schedules, so each one has a house key, if you arrive earlier than the other, it wouldn't be difficult for us to enter the house.

7.) Accounting Book - Its a need-to-bring object, its the most important thing in the bag, why? because i'm afraid of my professo in Accounting 10, you'll instantly get ZERO when you forgot it, and besides, this one is needed also in seatworks, also serves as a medium of studying, all books do.


  1. angeLolz on September 18, 2008 at 6:12 AM

    nice blogsite.. ka enjoy basahin
    yung mga blog and other thingys xD

  2. tanchi on September 18, 2008 at 9:29 PM



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