It was a long day, after having a day in the life of a one-of-a-kind, frustrated IT student. Tuesday, so many things and activities done inside the campus. As usual, in morning I prepared myself for another day as a first-year IT student, as expected, I am arriving at around 7:15 am, but this time, I arrive 15 minutes earlier just to update and copy (or compare) some of my answers of my assignment in our Accounting 10 subject, eventually, I changed some of my unsure answers, and fully done when our professor arrived in time. This is just one of the many highlights in this day. Our first subject is Accounting 10, and have a duration of 1.5 hours, because we only meet during TTH, after the session, we have our 1.5 hour-break before the 2 hours and 30 minute IT 113, so we hurriedly eat our lunch earlier and study some notes in the topic spreadsheet, specifically MS-Excel, and I almost forgot, I really can't understand those syntax, I was already indulged for a nosebleed in ACCOUNTING and so am I in IT 113.

It was indeed,a tiring session, yet, exciting because we, ourselves, are the one manipulating the computer. From time to time, we manipulate it through excercises given by our Engineer professor. After that long 2-hour and 30-minute subject, we directly went to the university clinic around 1pm, it is our schedule for a dental checkup, it is required for the signing of clearance. 3pm is our Personal Growth Session, a zero-unit subject but in-need to attend, and basically, the most boring subject. So, what we did in our 2-hour empty activity, we decided to stroll around the university, for me, I decided to take some photos of the different sides of the schools, including its altar, not really and altar, but a molding of the Virgin Mary, I even brought My Chibi Darth Vader, and of course, its jukebox, also, I took a photo on the school's cafiteria.

The day is almost over,and I am already outside the university that time, i'm too excited to update my blog again, I decided to hurry up, but my mom messaged me to fetch my little brother, so I went back again inside. Later, we went home together.

The most interesting part of ending the day:
when we arrived home, I forgot to get my housekey from my sister, whose unfortunately at the school that time, so... 1 hour of waiting outside, which made me capture the sun setting behind the vacant house in front of our house, fortunately I've been a witnessed of myself ending a day full of surprises. Later, almost dusk, my sister arrived, thanks to the KEYS!

(photo/s taken at: Notre Dame of Dadiangas University pathway, university canteen, Las Villas:sunset)


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kristan jan franco

kristan jan franco

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