I was ecstatic about the invitation of Sir Avel, otherwise known as Bariles, regarding a bloggers meet-up. A chance to meet up the co-members of SOCCSKARGEN Bloggers was put into action at Genee, a new taste on Gensan's downtown.

Kristan Franco Photography

Being on a wiser spot, Genee is surrounded by different schools on Gensan's Oval Plaza and Pendatun Avenue. The former Gensan Oval Grill was now transformed into a whole new level, from it's ambience, down to its food and quality service. Owner Rey Billena brought up the place into a whole new additional suiting taste of the city's Pendatun Avenue.

It was around 6:30 pm when I arrived their together with my school prof, Rammyboi, but not to call him "sir" whenever we are outside the school's vicinity. It was the first time I entered the newly renovated restaurant, along with my impressions on its interior designs, it was indeed a one-of-a-kind gig place. The ceiling is made up of a collaged photographs of Gensan's top photographers, on of it is Leonard Pe, and a well cleaned sight to be seen in every corner of Genee.

Havin a stress-free night out

Later on, Sir Avel arrived and it didn't took long before we had our chunk of Genee's taste. Bangus-chicken combo in a single plate along with a fair-scored Mango Juice suits my dinner well. The sweet taste of their bangus is just getting splendid as you chunk more of it, while the chicken never failed my taste either, thus, making me more interested for an early comeback on the place. The serving is fair enough for its low price, definitely.

Bangus and Chicken

After a sip of the last mango juice, the orders never ended their. Sir Avel kept them coming, a dose of appetizer, such as halo-halo, together with a cup of two mango ice cream chunks. The approach on the appetizer was a real good thing after eating up your dinner, the halo-halo was large at serving but fair enough to satisfy your craving.

Mango Ice Cream

We ended up having our appetites full, while doing a little place-strolling, and a magic trick session by Nate Marx, it never failed his audience.

The big deal on the meeting that night was never forgotten, to experience a Northern Downpour, in a simplier meaning, in order to get attention not only in Mindanao but also to the country, we should be, at first, as a blogger, be involved in online communities which socializes, one of it is SOCCSKSARGEN BLOGGERS. Second one, blog about what's positively happening in our town lately, to gain more attractions which I guess will lead to a well-known blogger's community here in Gensan, it's a great privilage of we're in it.

I'm laughing out loud, too bad

Members of SOCCSKSARGEN Bloggers

So if you are a blogger of Gensan, or more general, SOCCSKSARGEN, why not sign up here. Let's continue growing up. I know we can.

PHOTO COURTESY OF: gensantos.com, blagadaggg.com


Litratong Pinoy: Lila (Violet)

Sa mga nakaraang araw, medyo busy rin ako sa paaralan, maraming requirements, kaya naman, hindi bago ang litratong ilalahok ko, ULIT.

Kristan Franco Photography

Ang litratong ito ay kuha ko matapos ang isang napakalakas na ulan nung nakaraang taon, kung saan medyo makulimlim pa ang himpapawid.

Marami ring persepyong matatagpuan sa litratong ito. Sa aking pananaw, ang emosyon ng litrato ay may halong kalungkutan at medyo weird ang dating.

Isang napakaabstract na eksplenasyon ang kulay na lumilitaw sa loob ng makulimlim na nakapaligid dito ang pag-asa. May kulay pa sa bawat madilim na ating nararanasan, at ang maganda rito, kulay LILA pa ito.


One good thing about having a family is: PHOTOSHOOT!

Nothing beats how my family do the thing. From pulling out the funny faces down to retiring the serious approach. Nothing beats how my mom, dad, brother, and sister shows off their natural pose, of course, I would probably include myself on that list.

Kristan Franco Photography

Kristan Franco Photography

Every year, I'd check my previous face and compare my physical developments on the newer family portrait, and in conclusion, I was getting nervy and older, but, needless to say, I know how to carry my personality, from way I dress up and how I project through the lens. Natural it is.

Kristan Franco Photography

Kristan Franco Photography

The bonus part of this is, our family portrait has been chosen to be the model family of the studio, how interesting is that? It's really good to have a family of all seasons.

Studio: Ritratto Studio, General Santos City


Our first backyard cathecism for our R.E. Integration took place somewhere in the City's largest barangay, Puting Bato to be specific. The place has streets merely an inch to be fitted to walk in,while vast number of families striving to live under one block.

Kristan Franco Photography

It was already quarter to nine when our team arrived at the teaching area, at first, you'd probably ask where else would you properly teach the children. We didn't expect that huge number of children would attend, while re-checking our available and limited resources, particularly food, and name tags, but we nevermind the circumstances, instead we encourage everyone to attend.
Kristan Franco Photography

The session ended after 2 hours, where children joyfully participated the activities, especially games. The kids' most awaited part is finally paying off, merienda foods were given, and guess what, even the least food we gave, it made them smile, they were frantic. I never thought that Biscuits, along with its complement, Orange juice, would satisfy everyone that time. Well, in retrospect, made my experience grow, the least I cold try was to help others smile.


Kristan Franco Photography

SOUL-SEARCHING: The act of facing one's inmost self with courage, determined to bring every ulterior thought, emotion, and motive to light.

I love monochrome photos, they give greater meaning than the colored one. There's so many emotions in it.

Model: Me :D
Place: Isla Parilla
Light: Mid-day
Processing: Adobe Photoshop CS2


Buhay Sa Dagat:

Kristan Franco Photography

Simple at payak ang pamumuhay ng tao sa dagat, ngunit dagat ang kabuhayan ng mga taga-roon, mga mangingisda.

Life in seashore is simple, but it is the main source of income of people residing there, Fishermen.

Magandang Tanawin ang Paglubog ng Araw:

Kristan Franco Photography

Kay sarap umupo sa isang napakatayog na lupain, habang nagmamasid sa mga lumilipad na ibon sa himpapawid, kasabay na rin ang paghintay sa paglubog nga araw. Siguradong isa yun sa mga gusto kong maranasan.

It's good to be in a highland witnessing the sunset, while viewing the birds in the horizon. Surely, that's one experience I want to take up.


Sarangani Province has so much in nature's blessings to offer beyond a festival full of surprises and scenic landscape.

Kristan Franco Photography

If you have ended your week with those hectic activities, then start off your weekend with one of Sarangani's boast, Isla Parilla, a premier resort not so far away from Gensan. The place is not just an ordinary type of usual scenery.

Given us the chance to visit Sarangani again, I never mind being the last one to board on the vehicle. I never got the chance to charge my phone which is wasted from the previous night's plurking. I was too excited to try out their most sour sinigang again, and expect to have some snapshots on what's the latest development on the islet.

Kristan Franco Photography

We started our late lunch at Formosa Cafe, which serves as the main board of the islet. Stuffed with the place's main taste of attraction: Pork Barbecue, Sinigang (I bet it's the most sour fish soup I've ever tasted), Kinilaw, and their juicy Tilapia, which comes fresh right from the lake engulfing the island. The meal went smoothly, I didn't even bother to take a shot of the served foods, all I did was to intake the delicious meal seriously.

After a sweet burp from our contented appetite, everyone agreed for a calorie burn, do a little walk around.

Kristan Franco Photography

If you want to relax and would like to have a dose of soft breeze around, then Fishing Village is suited for you, or you can go with the second option which is boating. One of the two will do.

Cozy cottages for overnight travellers are prepared along with the mere view of the sunset. Aside from the cottages which are erected in the middle of the lake, recreation also centers in the pool, billiard bars, videoke hut, and the shaded playground not only for kids, but to those who are kid wannabes too.

Kristan Franco Photography

A dip in their warm pool cools off stresses, and pressures from the urban hemisphere, thus, we ended up hanging around the poolside, where videoke kings possibly trying to top the videoke's high score, while trying to take a glance on the pool.

Our CDO guess's eager urge to go home must have speak of their talks about the appraisable visit on the islet . No wonder, Isla Parilla is a place of silence, a haven, and a nature's sanctuary which Sarangani Province should be proud of.

If you are off for a soothing weekend, take time to visit Isla Parilla's website.


The fresh year is making a sense already. New movies, fresh from the oven. Ok, here's the real deal for me. For being a couch-potato. I already got my eye on those hot-coming movies for this year. Got my nerves on these five must-see movies, and still counting.

I'm not trying to be morbid, but I guess most of the movies I wanted to watch are horrid and dark-sided, you know, those stuffs. Or I guess not.

Since the previous premiere of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, I've lost track on the storyline of the movie, I totally forgot how the story flows. The delayed and postponed Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince didn't excite me. Since then, my interest had just focused on the following sequels and remake of these movies:

Transformers 2

I must assume you have watch the Transformers. Automobiles transforming into sluggish but shiny robots. Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Megatron, and other named robots break into the hollywood screen. From a tv cartoon series down to the a realistic transformation.

But here's the the interesting part, after the fall of Megatron, that's what they call him, the ending is quite puzzling, there's no way he can be beaten up just like that. So, for a sweeter taste, the sequel of the movie entitled, Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen, is now buzzing the online world.

Underworld 3

Ok, here's the reason why I love watching the previous Underworld series, Kate Beckinsale, one of my ultimate crush. But, here's how it goes, this movie is not just an ordinary vampire-werewolf madness, nor Twlight palooza, but a combination of unexplainable twist of stories. If you have watched the complicated Underworld 1 and 2, then you must be definitely off to it's sequel, Rise of the Lycans.

The rage between the Vampires and Lycans. Michael, a hybrid of vampire and werewolf, teamed up again, after falling in-love with Selene, who was once a vampire, into the breaking of the lycans.

Friday the 13th

If you want something new and horrid, I must recommend you the latest remake of this gory shacker film, Friday the 13th, wherein Jason, ruining groups of people in Lake Crystal by brutal kills. Definitely, it's a must-see.


New to my taste. I wasn't even able to hear this group of Marvel Heroes. The time I googled it, I was attracted to this 6-man team. Ok, I won't enumerate each member, but I think it would satisfy you, knowing that the Watchmen could make a great power combo. I'll be watching this, for sure.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Unfortunately, I am not a huge fan of the all-time famous, Wolverine, but I guess I'll be watching this one for a deeper story behind the life of Wolverine. Aside from the center of attraction, Wolverine which will be played by Hugh Jackman, It must be exciting to witness the first appearance of, Gambit, one of my favorite characters. Although the movie mainly focus on the life of Wolverine, surely, we'll see many great characters involved in the contribution of the movie.

I guess I named my 5 must-see movies, I know there's more to come, definitely I'll count them up too.

Have you made your 2009's must-see movie list?


Old songs remind us of our special someone, the beautiful and rough moments. The melodies of love songs seems like tattoed on our minds, we never grew tired repeating these harmonic melodies all over again. February 14, all lovers will be reuniting their cherished moments along with the songs of an unfading love icon, David Pomeranz. I've been one of those kids who grow up hearing his undying songs, from a generation, down to another generation.

Yes, if I'm not mistaken, David Pomeranz who's name is on the songs, "King and Queen of Hearts", "Born for You", "If You Walk Away", and my all-time favorite "Got to Believe". Gensan is welcoming again another foreign artist, since Toto's invasion, which clearly prides Gensan's competetiveness. Ok, here's the big deal, David Pomeranz, will be invading the city of Generals, right on the very day of valentines. Lovers will witness the Multi-platinum award winning songwriter's performance at the city's official gym, Lagao.

Another dose of David's love song, here is a teaser if you'd like to know how do a guy named David Pomeranz serenade his audience: (INSPIRED BY THE ANIMATION)

In line with the Kalilangan Celebration in the midst of February, David Pomeranz' performance on Feb. 14 will be one of the highlights of the celebration, knowing that Gensan is the famous singer's major stop, which will be followed on the other parts of the country, particularly Cebu.

As what Bariles qouted in his blog:

David’s gig in GenSan comes in the heels of the concerts of foreign artists last year in this area, The Lettermen (in Koronadal) and Toto (GenSan), a clear indication of better things to come for Soccsksargen’s concert circuit.

Ok, so, if you're up to this gig, be sure to follow-up your tickets, with the corresponding prices: P 1,500 (courtside), P 1,000 (lower box), P 350 (upper box).

The price is fairly enough for everyone who wanted to watch this event, considering how famous, David is.

Bariles Republic wanted you to come, so he decided to establish a contest regarding this event, if you want to join just take your time to visit the contest mechanics. Who knows? So, all the lovers and loveless out there, guess what? you could be the one sitting in front of the King of Love songs. You'll also get the chance to take home stuffs from Grab-a-crab, and Coffee Club 101. Spare no time, it's your chance!

Kristan Franco Photography
Tickets to “A Valentine’s Affair with David Pomeranz” are available at Coffee Dream KCC, Grab A Crab Restaurant, Coffee Club 101, MISO, East Asia Royale Hotel and ABS-CBN Office at Purok Malakas. For inquiries, please contact telephone #s (083) 303-0060, 0919-8912259 or 0917-3639191. Or log on at http://www.ticketbox.com.ph

News from: Gensantos.com (No. 1 Blog of the South)


Litratong Pinoy Weekly Entry

Isang bagong linggo na naman ang dumating at panahon na naman upang lumahok sa Litratong Pinoy. Blue na blue ika nga. Ang paksa ay "blue", kaya naman karamihan sa atin ay maraming ideya kung ano ang nais ilahok. Ako naman, naalala ko ang mga litratong una kong kinuna nung nakaraan summer, kasama ang mga kabarkada ko. Sa kasamaang palad, wala akong bagong maihahandog ngayon, ngunit ang mga litratong ito na matagal ko nang kuha ay ang ilalahok ko ngayong linggo.

It's a new week again and it's time to show off our Litratong Pinoy entries. The topic is all about blue, that's why most of us have many ideas and concepts. On my side, I remembered the photos I once took last summer along with my lifetime friends. Unfortunately, I have no fresh photo as of now, but I guess these photos would qualify for this week's theme.

Kristan Franco Photography

Ang mga litratong ito, ay napapabilang sa mga unang kuha ko, bilang isang hobbyist, medyo hindi pa maganda ang pagkakuha, at ngayon hindi pa rin. Ngunit ito naman ang nagbibigay paalala sa akin, kung saan ako nagsimula, at kung gaano ako ka-interesado sa mga ganitong bagay.

These photos are part of my firsts shots, as a photography hobbyist. These are not yet one of the good shots, even now. But these expresses my passion involving such things, specifically photography.

Kristan Franco Photography

Mga kababayan! Meet Riza and Honey, kahit di nyo makita ang kanilang mga mukha, meet lang. Maligayang LP! Blue na Blue talaga!


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