Thanks God its friday! - a phrase which is common to any desperate student, specifically me. This day is really annoying, so many bloopers made, and so many food eaten and EXAM, QUIZZES, AND SO MANY REQUIREMENTS, including the NEXT WEEK's assignments. Too bnad, there are so many, but the good thing is, I can relax, Saturday and Sunday is coming, and time to wake up late again. Usually, I wake up at 11:00 am on Saturdays and Sundays.

There are so many things I've been into, that's why I didn't study our PE 1 finals last night, first, it was my Dad's birthday, I just didn't post some article of it, then I've been into a eating-habit last night, I almost eat the whole bunch of bananas (thats why my blog has been "monkey monitor"), I really love those yellow thingie, then I've been eating and eating, from Lechon to cake and pastries down to some cool drink blends. Then, I have been busy editing some photos for a school requirement, and personal requests, I've been really busy last night, I didn't mind the notes photocoied last week, who cares?

Earlier this day, I studied the photocopied notes during the 1-hour break, the topic is not really hard, but is, very boring, i'm uninterested, but its the reality of living, we live by the rules. Lunch-time, I went home, as usual, because my nose is dripping, and my eyes are sleepy, so I take a short nap, after eating my lunch. At 1:30, i've got back into the school, and went directly to the school's auditorium, the place of the exam, at least, I have studied a little further, but didn't finish it. Fortunately, the exam's super easy, even dogs, can answer (in case you wonder its an idiomatic expression).

Rain heavily poured down and quizzes flood the room MO(Micheal O'Keefe) and the first semester is closing to an end, I still don't know the room number of our Math and RE session classroom. The exam on our professor in Math, is a bit easy, but still I couldn't answer one question out of the four word problems, to my boredom, I just quit analysing the unanswered problem, and took pictures instead. Quick-captured the faces of my classmates including some of my scratch papers.

As the school day ends, we ran downstairs to take a glimpse of the newly born sunshine-after-rain (too much for that lines of a poet). Me, NiƱo, Ferds, and Jowee chatted as we walk along the past-time foods outside the school campus, kwek-kwek, isaw, and many more. Later on, we decided to walk along different sides, and went home.
I told myself not to turn the computer on, and take a rest instead, but here I am now...


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kristan jan franco

kristan jan franco

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