Me and My Medication

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September 8, last monday, the school is crowded, everywhere, its a normal scenario when the intramurals is coming. For the freshmen,of course, they're busy for their cheerdance, its a requirement (curse).I was waiting and sitting in the bleachers while waiting for the attendance slip, later that night I feel exhausted and probably might be in fatigue, because we practice our cheerdance everyday and would be dismiss 9:00 in the evening, almost 2 weeks, we did that routine, but of course I didn't mind the feeling I felt that time.

Back to the intramurals scenario, it was already 4:00 in the afternoon and everyone is excited for the parade, and the clash of the 4 divisions of NDDU, and the highlight of the night, the cheerdance competition. On my side, I was feeling hoirribly sick already, my body grew numb and my migraine started. I eventually joined the parade and fortunately finished it along with the others, but when I arrived, I immediately rushed to the university clinic and acquired some medicine to put up my headache. Hours later, the sickness isn't yet fading, but fortunately my sister is with me when we arrived home (we're at the same school).

September 9, tuesday, I can't stand anymore (literally?maybe), i'm over-exhausted, as in over. My fever increases to 39.6 degrees, this time I miss the school activities, the games, and the 1st batch of the freshmen's cheerdance competitors.

September 10, wednesday, nearly hours before our cheerdance competition, I gradually conditioned myself for what might happen, I was still in-fever state that time, but who cares?, its the day we've been practicing for.

After waiting, the cheerdance is finally over, but the most interesting part on our presentation, I nearly collapse (just nearly) in the changing of formations, and I stood there about 5 seconds, and fortunately back in the formation, I think many people notice that, including my co-members.

Hours later, around 12:00 noon, I arrived at the house, and took a deep sleep almost 5 hours, I'm chilled, my body is chilling, eventhough I cover my body into many blankets, my body is still chilling, the fever of course.

6:00 in the evening I just can't take it anymore, I was rushed into the hospital, and it was my 2nd time to be welcomed in the hospital, first is when ...(dunno), back when i'm still 7 years old probably, and the second time is when i'm now a first year college. I was taken to the x-ray room before going into my room. On the first night, I can't sleep, due to the medicines injected to me, so painful and the in-out routine of nurses into my room, as usual.

Life on the hospital was so boring, you start and finish your day in the bed, but for me it wasn't boring at all, maybe a little percent, I have there laptop to play games, and the room's tv, cool movies in HBO. It was saturday, yesterday, I was checked-out in the hospital, my hand is swelling, because of the dextrose, but its good to be back home coz'...

Home is our true medication.


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