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This blog is owned by Kristan Jan Franco, well, obviously, that's me. One way to enjoy my daily routine is to blog. Blogging is my way of expressing my feelings towards art and the society. As pro bloggers said, "Blogging expresses the person's true passion".

A New Start: When I stepped college life, I've been more matured and took things seriously when it is necessary to be serious, and later on I asked myself, why try doing a daily journal. So I decided to sign up for blogger (which is common to me than wordpress), and the blog world started to turn.

Photoblog: It happened that one of my interest is Arts, specifically photography, I was amazed by the works of the Gensan's Camera Clubbers, like, Lenard Pe, and Velasquez. I started working on my interest during my High school years, and continue to pursue it until now. That's why I post my photoshoots here for everyone to see a Mindanaoan skill and also to promote Philippines, specifically Mindanao.

From Monkey Monitor to A Southern Shutter: The blog's name started out as Monkey Monitor, thus, the blog name was born because of boredom. The blog retained its name the past 3 months, until, one of most influential bloggers these days, Batang Yagit, gave me a chance to have a domain, making my blog name A Southern Shutter.

anyone who has question can e-mail me at kristan_jale@Yahoo.com


  1. Gensan Exchange on October 29, 2008 at 1:06 AM

    hi, this is to confirm our receipt of your blog entry in gensanexchange.com, fyi...

    rey cartojano

  2. JayEl on November 13, 2008 at 7:44 PM

    I love your blog specially those pictures you have taken with passion!!! Ganda talaga sobra...I really appreciate your work and the form of editing...you give life to those pictures...great job...keep it up!!!

    if you have time please visit my blog www.yourlifelines.blogspot.com




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