A Last Farewell

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The young man was sitting on a cold, broken chair, with light barely passing inside his cell in Fort Santiago. Knowing that 2 hours from that time, dawn would crack, and it would be the last chance to witness the new morning for his country. December 30th 1896, was a history for the country.

Jose Rizal, clinging on as the ink of his feather pen was already fading, the chance to finish a poem was at stake. With only a small slip of torn paper to write on, he began writing his farewell poem with his tiny handwriting. Bidding goodbye to the country his fighting with, his family, and his fellow countrymen. Then ended his last message while folding it inside the fading light of the lamp.

As dawn breaks over Manila, He knew he would end his 35 years of fighting for freedom. Being a docro, a historian, a novelist, a sculptor, and a swordsman, fear never consumed him. That's why he was remembered as the country's greatest National Hero who inspired the struggle against Spanish Rule.

At seventeen, Rizal devoted his life to help Filipino people. Later on, the on growing urge for freedom made him speak out for some positive changes and reforms in the Philippines, thus making the Spanish government threaten. His speeches and views angered the Spanish Governors, who were frightened by the people's growing demand for revolution. In result, Rizal was arrested after the revolution breaks. By the year 1896, Rizal was arrested and condemned to death.

As years passed, the heroic virtues of Jose Rizal is brought back to life by annualy celebrating Rizal Day every December 30. This celebration has a huge part on Philippine's history, the deeds of our National hero, Jose Rizal is one way of making us, Filipinos, proud of our heritage.


  1. Honeul on December 30, 2008 at 11:54 AM

    Kudos to our hero, Jose Rizal. This is a very nice and inspiring post. I hope Filipino remembers this day's event.

  2. Cham U. on December 30, 2008 at 6:26 PM

    Speaking of Rizal.....

    i'm making a scrapbook about him right now...

    haha... it's for our project..

    I really hate it...

    It's a big burden for me.

    But after reading his biography..

    now I adore him...

    he's a versatile genius..

    really talented..

    hahaha.. that's why nine girls fell in love to him....

  3. Tanchi on December 30, 2008 at 9:14 PM

    cham: yes..definitely..one of the reasons, why we should be proud of.:D


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