Filipino Christmas Habits

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Two days from now and everyone will be up for another splendid Christmas day. Christmas celebration is the most awaited festivity of Filipinos. No wonder nobody does Christmas the way we do with such unique and strange habits.

The past few days, I never got tired of reading my favorite travel magazine, Smile, and got the chance to be entertained the way Tim Tayag distinguished the strange holiday habits of Filipinos:

1.) Lantern Parade Filipinos use lantern to symbolize the star over Jesus' manger. No wonder, every place and house you visit, you'll see lanterns in many forms, big and small, containing lamps inside, or even the electric one. So, spend your shifty days hanging those lanterns all year round.

photo belongs to flickr: Doc Tony Photography

2.) Christmas Caroling Imagine having yourself a good time with your favorite channel flashing on the TV when a group of children disrupts your "having a good time with the TV". Well if you're a traditionally-cultivated Filipino, get used to it. Children with those improvised musical instruments made of bottle caps and cans, with a matching improvised Christmas lyrics. So if you are tired of the repeating songs you heard everywhere, prepare your coins and finally you'll be off to a peaceful nirvana.

photo belongs to flickr: Lenareh

3.) Noche Buena Obviously happens on the Christmas eve after the midnight mass. Be sure you didn't eat your dinner to early, because you'll be preparing your appettite for the ton of food - jamon (hamon;sweet ham), lechon, queso de bola (cheese ball), lengua (cow tongue), roasted chicken, cake, and many sweets. In addition to the event, you'll get to experience dancing, sing along with the videoke machine and even see a playing Santa doing his old trick again.

photo belongs to flickr: Jenroy

4.) Fireworks Frenzy Indeed Christmas and New Year's eve are the nosiest evenings of the year, and most advantageous for the fireworks vendors, and those boom doctors, those who specialized in re-attaching lost fingers and disastered legs, but Filipinos do it happily, just lighting up the wild firecrackers, such as, Judas' Belt, Superlolo, Triangle, Bawang, and many other enojoying blasts. These are alsow the words shouted upon arriving at the emergency room when asked what's the caused of his or her burn.

photo belongs to flickr: Ibarra


  1. Gel on December 23, 2008 at 2:23 AM

    Christmas in the Philippines is truly different from other countries. I don't know this based one experience but I can just feel it, you know? Heehee.

  2. kg on December 23, 2008 at 5:20 AM

    MERRY CHRISTMAS Tanchi! thank you for always sharing your great pics with us! :)

  3. flyingbeagle on December 23, 2008 at 8:23 AM

    Nice ornaments tanch :3

  4. Dhemz on December 30, 2008 at 2:17 PM

    first time visit here...nakakamiss naman ang pagkaing pinoy....hope to be here more often!


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